8 Things the PLL Book Author Revealed to Us About the Show's End ????

Sadly, everyone's favorite liars will be keeping their secrets forever as the Pretty Little Liars series comes to an end this spring.

With seven seasons, PLL is currently Freeform's longest running series.

While the end may be near for viewers, the actresses themselves have already wrapped on their characters, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. The trailers are empty, the sets are deconstructed and Rosewood High School is out for summer.

Find out what we learned about the end of PLL straight from book series creator Sara Shepard's mouth:

1. Sara was on set the final day of filming. "As soon as I got there, every single main actress was there all the writers, which was amazing," she told Sweety High. "And we all just had these sentimental moments of hugging. But then they had this really sweet cake ceremony."

2. Sara gave us a little extra inside scoop about the final day of filming. "I feel like Mona [Janel Parrish] is in one of the later episodes," she revealed. "She was there yesterday and she was in costume. Mona looked adorable." Shepard noted that the show doesn't film in order, so while Mona was on set the final day, it could mean she makes an appearance at any point during the finale.

3. What about the ending, you ask? We were curious, too. "I did ask a production assistant if it was all a dream and he said it was not all a dream," Sara said.

4. There was plenty of memorabilia to go around on that tear-filled final day. "We got a yearbook, we got a PLL yearbook, we got PLL letterman's jackets," Sara said. "It was amazing. It was so awesome. I think I'm going to wear it to most of my events because it's just too funny and I think a lot of people want to see it, and the yearbook." Um, where can we get our hands on one of these adorbs Rosewood High jackets?

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5. While Sara may have written the books, not everything in the show stayed true to the original story. When asked about the differences the show made to the original tales, Sara told us, "TV is a different thing because you have to create so much plot. For seven seasons, even 18 books didn't provide enough plot, so they had to kind of bring in some new characters, create some new complications. I loved everything. I really have been supportive of everything. There's not much that has disappointed me, I think they've been so respectful of the story."

6. The actresses were obsessed with Sara's five-year-old son and were more excited to snap photos with him than his hit-making mommy. "They all loved my son. They all were like 'Who are you!' and they all took pictures. 

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7. Sara said she was too close to guessing new plot points and twists that the show added. Even the creator herself didn't know what waited around the corner. "I loved the Cece day, I loved that," she said. "I thought that was really awesome. I didn't expect it. I thought it was going to be Sarah. And I even announced that on Snapchat. I was like, 'This is who I think!' But they made me announce it late, they were like, 'Announce it afterwards,' because I had been right. They were like, 'You're very close to what happened,' so sometimes I say too much I guess. And I know nothing which is the funny thing."

8. While she enjoys where each of the characters ended up in their lives, Sara seems to mostly identify with Aria. "I love Aria," she said. "I feel like I could be Aria, of course she's a publisher and writes a book. I love Spencer, too. But I kind of love all of their career paths as we jump five years forward. They're all sort of awesome in their own way."

Oh Aria. What're you up to.

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—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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