The 13 Most Important Life Lessons We Learned From Watching 'Pretty Little Liars'

Pretty Little Liars is not just a show, it's a way of life! We turn to it when we need advice on anything from boys to fashion to how to not let a psychopath ruin our lives. Same? We thought so! Here are the most important lessons to guide you to a happier life courtesy of PLL.

1. If you start getting texts from 'A', casually toss your phone and RUN!


2. Speaking of 'A', don't trust anyone who's name starts with that letter. And yes, Aria is included!

3. And don't share your secrets with anybody, because not a single person knows how to keep a secret, even if they are dead.

4. NO ONE can pull off wearing the color orange.

5. But black looks fab on everyone!

6. The only way to up your #SquadGoals status is to all have matching red coats and a strong brow game.


7. You can't be afraid to get a little dirty now and then.

8. Just make sure you clean up nicely afterwards to slay the game!

9. Don't shy away from expressing who you are to the world through your clothing.

10. A sleepover with your besties is ALWAYS a good idea!

11. Always make your significant other a part of your friend group, so you don't have to split spending time with them or your squad. Instead, you can all spend time together!

12. Dolls are just plain creepy and it's really in your best interest that you just STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!

13. Through think and thin, always have your friends' backs and they will have yours!



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