PRETTYMUCH's Brandon Arreaga Reveals the True Story Behind Their Romantic New Single, 'Trust'

PRETTYMUCH is an incredible group unlike any other boy band making music today, and their newest single, "Trust," is a prime example of why.

With its hot R&B sound and confident maturity in the lyrics, it's a song about putting your faith in the person you love, and knowing that you'll get it in return. It only took seconds for us to fall in love with it, and we got the chance to ask Brandon Arreaga all about his real-life experience, and how it led to this romantic and powerful track.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Trust"? How does writing as a band work, and what do you all bring to the table during that process?

Brandon Arreaga: It's always different with us. Sometimes we all write together, and sometimes only one of us will write the song. It just depends on the day really! We all have our strengths and weaknesses in the studio, and I think over time we've just learned when and where to apply ourselves to get the best results.


SH: What does the song mean to the band? Was it inspired by real relationships?

BA: It was, actually! While I was waiting for the other producers to show up at the studio, I was on FaceTime with my girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, and she was showing off her fit that she wanted to wear out that night. In all honesty, I was giving her a hard time for wearing something so revealing without me around, but then I immediately felt bad about it. So I dedicated the rest of the day to writing about how I really felt. I wanted to make a song that encourages our fans to express themselves fully and to send a message to people everywhere that feeling confident in a relationship isn't about being in "control," but about being supportive of one another.

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SH: What advice do you all have for building trust and avoiding jealousy in your own relationships?

BA: When it comes to building trust in a relationship, it's all about being open and honest. You can't trust someone who isn't honest with you. When it comes to jealousy, I think a small amount of jealousy can be healthy, but too much can really ruin a relationship. It's all about being confident in who you are as an individual and being supportive, not constraining!


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song?

BA: "Even if you're coming home at three, you're coming home to me." To me, its meaning is literal, but also metaphorical. No matter what it is you say/do/wear (as long as you don't actually cross the line) I'm confident enough in me to rest easy knowing we'll be alright.


SH: How does "Trust" feel different from the music you've released in the past?

BA: "Trust" definitely taps into our R&B side a little more. I think it's been a pivot point for us sonically and where we're headed as a group. So stay tuned for what's next!


SH: Is there anything you'd like to add?

BA: You get what you give. Give love, and you get it right back. Show support and you'll get it right back. Always give first what you want in a relationship, especially trust.

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