T-Pop Group PRETZELLE Dishes on Comeback Track 'U R Mine'

If you're not on the T-pop train just yet, allow us to get you completely hooked with a little help from four-member girl group, PRETZELLE.

The Thai quartet consists of leader, main vocalist and lead dancer AUMAIM, main rapper and sub vocalist ICE, main vocalist INC and main dancer and lead rapper GRACE, and with their comeback single "U R Mine," they're showing off a whole new side to their creativity as artists. While past music was more contemplative, "U R Mine" takes the group into a confident new era with a more vibrant and flirtatious tone, without missing out on any of the charm that put them on the map.

The track, written by PRETZELLE, evokes classic R&B vibes through a love song about being truly trusting of and devoted to someone, to the point where you can block out all of the outside noise and just focus on the relationship. It's romance at its finest, and we got the chance to speak with PRETZELLE to learn all about the group, the new song and what's next.


INC: The name PRETZELLE means that we are gonna spread joy and positivity through our music and energy. It looks like an infinity symbol, which symbolizes the idea of sharing endless happiness with our audience through our songs.

T-pop group PRETZELLE dressed in black and grey suit outfits for U R Mine

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The Story Behind 'U R Mine'

AUM: "U R Mine" is a song about self-confidence and being sure of your feelings in a relationship. It's about not needing validation or approval from anyone else and being bold enough to claim the person you love as your own.

ICE: We wanted to create a song that speaks to that experience and empowers listeners to trust their instincts and be confident in their feelings. We hope that this song will reach a wider audience and that our listeners who have the same experience with this song, and feel that they have friends to share the same experience and feel happy with our songs.

GRACE: The lyrics were written entirely by us, with the main lyrics by AUM and the rap sections by ICE and I. Our producers sent the demo to us, and we started coming up with ideas for the song that fit the melody and theme. We wanted to create a track that was fresh and dynamic, with a perfect balance of sexy and happy beats that set us apart from other T-Pop artists.


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What 'U R Mine' Means

INC: It's our first comeback song after we released our second mini-album last year. "U R Mine" holds a special meaning for our group. It symbolizes the idea of self-assurance and being confident in one's feelings and actions. It represents the idea of not needing validation or approval from anyone else, and being bold enough to claim the person you love as your own. It's a reminder to trust ourselves and our instincts, especially in matters of the heart. It represents a message of empowerment, not just for us as a group but also for our listeners.

T-pop group PRETZELLE dressed in black and tan outfits for U R Mine

(Photo credit: 54 Entertainment)


On Writing 'U R Mine'

AUM: The creative process behind "U R Mine" began with the melody and beats, which were crafted by our producer Benz Kankanat. From there, we knew we wanted to explore the theme of self-confidence and assurance in love. The phrase "No more second opinions" resonated with us as a group, as it relates to our own experiences as young women, and it also made for a catchy and memorable phrase in Thai. We wrote the lyrics, with the main lyrics by me, and rap sections by ICE and GRACE, to reflect the theme and bring the song to life.

ICE: We had a lot of fun working together on the lyrics and sharing our personal experiences and opinions. This made us feel more connected to the song and helped us to capture the emotions we wanted to convey. We are comfortable with one another and it shows in the final product, and we hope to have the opportunity to continue working together on future songs as well.


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On Fame Beyond Thailand

GRACE: As a group, we don't feel like we've reached a level of immense popularity yet, but it's an honor to have the opportunity to share our music and ourselves with a wider audience, especially outside of Thailand. It's exciting to know that our hard work and dedication are resonating with people in different countries and allowing us to connect with a broader range of listeners. It's the reason why we do what we do, and we're grateful for the chance to reach more people with our work.

T-pop group PRETZELLE dressed in black and grey suit outfits in an office for U R Mine

(Photo credit: 54 Entertainment)


A Message From PRETZELLE

ICE: Please listen to our other albums as well. we have many styles of music that explore themes of love, limerance, self-assurance and empowerment. We also have a lot of other content on our YouTube channel, which will eventually have an English translation. We're excited to connect with new fans and share our music with them.

GRACE: We'd like to thank everyone for their support and for taking the time to learn more about our group and our new single, "U R Mine." We put a lot of hard work and dedication into this song, and we hope it resonates with listeners. We're excited to continue creating and sharing music with our fans and hope to connect with even more people in the future.

INC: If you enjoy the song, please don't hesitate to share it with your friends and family, and consider adding it to your playlists. We also appreciate any feedback, and we're looking forward to hearing from you!


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