Primally Pure's New Autumn Products Will Make You Totally Forget About Pumpkin Spice

I've very recently been expanding my skincare routine to include more than just a toner and moisturizer, and while I still don't know a ton about the best ingredients out there, I do know that I'd rather keep things as clean and natural as possible.

That's why, when a rep asked if I'd be interested in trying out some products from Primally Pure (including the products from their new Autumn Home Collection) I thought it'd be a perfect fit.

Founded by Bethany McDaniel, this company is all about offering alternatives to the classic skincare products that are often full of toxic ingredients. Instead, the brand uses pure, safe and naturally derived ingredients to produce the same great effects, without all the extra, potentially unsafe junk. Their website hosts lots of great products, but keep reading to find out what I thought of six of their top offerings:

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Geranium Deodorant: $16

I've tried a number of natural deodorants in my time, but in the past, I hadn't stuck with any of them for more than a week because they felt weird and weren't up to snuff when it came to neutralizing odor. I've never been a very sweaty person, so I don't necessarily need antiperspirant, but I do like to smell fresh all day, so I was curious as to whether Primally Pure's deodorant would be able to meet my standards. I was honestly shocked by how well it works.

Not only does this deodorant stick leave me feeling totally dry, but I haven't once had to reapply during the day to mask anything. It seriously gets rid of any armpit smell without a strong odor of its own, and glides on like regular deodorant. Though this deodorant does have an earthy and very slightly floral geranium scent, you won't be smelling it all day—and if you don't love it, they have a number of other natural fragrances to choose from. It's also free of the parabens, aluminum and artificial fragrances found in typical deodorants, which might be linked to health issues. It instead uses baking soda to fight odor, kaolin clay as a detoxifier and zinc oxide to soothe irritation.

Primally Pure: Geranium Deodorant

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Everything Spray: $20

This Everything Spray (which comes with the subtitle "Heal + Tone") really can do a lot. This slightly astringent spray (which smells like a combination of lavender, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar) feels great as a morning toner when I feel like I need something with a little more cleansing power. It also works great in combination with the deodorant to get rid of underarm odor. While I haven't yet used it on any cuts and scrapes, it also includes ingredients that are said to be great for treating and healing small injuries, thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It makes my skin feel balanced and soothed, and I love feeling it work.

Primally Pure: Everything Spray

(via Primally Pure)


Lemongrass Body Oil: $42

I hadn't really used a body oil before trying Primally Pure's Lemongrass Body Oil, and while it is quite oily, it's also ridiculously moisturizing and nourishing. I like to apply it after my morning shower, locking in the moisture to keep my skin feeling silky and well-hydrated all day. And strangely, the aroma of this body oil is almost more savory than it is citrusy, which is oddly invigorating. I don't think this one's texture or scent will be for everyone—especially at this price tag for 4 oz.—but those who love it will be obsessed.

Primally Pure: Lemongrass Body Oil

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Autumn Hand Soap: $24

Now, we get into Primally Pure's Autumn collection, which centers around an incredible scent that perfectly embodies the season. This hand soap comes in a dark, rich amber color like I've never seen in a soap, and you can even see bits of the spices used to fragrance it as you wash your hands, leading me to think this stuff is the real deal.

It lathers and washes my hands beautifully, but most important is its natural fragrance. This stuff smells like autumn cinnamon and cardamom, backed by bright orange citrus scents and the tiniest hint of chocolate. Not only is the scent way more exciting than pumpkin spice, but the ingredients included are also great for skin. Plus, since hand-washing has become ultra-essential over the last several months, you should definitely like the hand soap you're using—and this one will have you hooked.

Primally Pure: Autumn Hand Soap

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Autumn Room Spray: $26

If you love the scent of Primally Pure's Autumn Hand Soap, then prepare yourself for the magic of their room spray in the same sultry scent. You can spray it in the air or onto sheets and curtains to freshen up the room. You can even spritz it to cover up smells on rugs and couches, and it's gentle enough to be used as a body spray to take the scent of the season with you everywhere you go. Not only does it smell amazing, but its natural ingredients are also said to have all kinds of aromatherapeutic benefits, including improving focus, boosting immunity, easing nerves, reducing stress and boosting overall well-being. While I can't vouch for all of that, I do know that this scent makes me feel energized and ready to take on anything.

Primally Pure: Autumn Room Spray

(via Primally Pure)


Autumn Oil Diffuser Blend: $42 

This 15 mL essential oil blend definitely packs a lot. The bottle contains the essential oils of cardamom, wild orange, blood orange, cinnamon bark, cacao, ocotea, manuka and roman chamomile to create something that smells like fall while also containing all kinds of aromatherapy benefits to soothe the mind, body and soul. Just a few drops in your favorite diffuser can scent the whole room and make you feel fresh and renewed all at once.

Primally Pure: Autumn Essential Oil Blend

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Primally Pure also has a quiz you can take to see which of their products is the best fit for your skin and routine. Take it HERE!

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