These 12 Disney Princesses Tell Us How To Have the Best August Ever

Summer may be winding to a close for some of you, but it's never too late to start accomplishing everything you wanted to do on your vacay! If you don't already have a bucket list of your own, all of Disney's princesses can show you the way.

Snow White

Step out of your comfort zone and meet some unexpected new friends.


Stay at the party longer than you planned. Your ride isn't going to turn into a pumpkin at midnight!


Sleep in every once in a while. You deserve it.

aurora takes a nap sleeping beauty summer bucket list

(Sleeping Beauty via RKO Radio Pictures)


Upcycle your old junk into something new and imaginative. Don't forget to give it a great name, too!

ariel brushes her hair with a dinglehopper little mermaid summer bucket list

(The Little Mermaid via Buena Vista Pictures)



Crush on someone for who they are on the inside, not what they look like.

bell falls in love in beauty and the beast summer bucket list

(Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures)


Go out of your way to discover something magical.


Master a new language. Just listen with your heart and you will understand!

pocahontas listens with her heart learns a new language summer bucket list

(Pocahontas via Buena Vista Pictures)


Learn a martial art and learn how to kick some butt.

mulan learning a martial art summer bucket list

(Mulan via Buena Vista Pictures)


Learn that it's ok to take a break from your hard work every once in a while to stop and have fun!

tiana balances a lot of plates at her waitressing job princess and the frog summer bucket list

(The Princess and the Frog via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


Get a daring and totally cute new haircut. We dare you!

rapunzel gets a haircut tangled summer bucket list

(Tangled via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


Take your best skills to the next level and win a contest.

merida brave wins the archery contest disney princess summer bucket list

(Brave via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


Take that one big thing from the past that's been holding you back and finally let it go!

queen elsa lets it go frozen summer bucket list

(Frozen via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

What's the biggest lesson you learned from a Disney princess? Let us know in the comments!