Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars back in 2012, fans have debated whether the change makes Princess Leia a Disney princess.

Even though she hasn’t been added to Disney’s official roster of princesses, we fully believe she deserves a spot on the list. If Leia is your favorite Disney princess, you’ll want to snag every item on this list.

Princess Leia Beanie: $19.99

No element is more critical to Princess Leia’s signature look than her iconic space buns—but not all of us have the waist-long tresses (or the time) to pull it off with our real hair. No fear because this cute beanie will allow you to replicate Leia’s style without any of the fuss.

Star Wars princess leia hair beanie

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Self-Rescuing Princess Enamel Pin: $10.03

Who said princesses all need rescuing? Princess Leia has what it takes to fend for herself—and you do, too. Show it off with this cute (and also empowering) pin.

Star Wars princess leia self-resucing princess enamel pin

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Only Hope Tote Bag: $18.07

When you have too many things to lug around and only two hands to hold them with, a cute tote bag is your only hope. This one features an awesome illustration of our fave stellar princess with one of her most memorable quotes. Just look at that detail in her buns!

Star Wars princess leia You're My Only Hope tote bag

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Princess Leia Hoodie: $44.95

Sometimes, you just want to be Princess Leia Organa. This hoodie, complete with her trademark white suit top, belt and of course her one-of-a-kind hairstyle, makes looking like Leia a breeze.

Star Wars princess leia hoodie

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Princess Leia Mug: $14.95

Two handles are definitely better than one. This mug bears Leia’s face, but the best part is the creative use of the mug handles to represent her classic ‘do.

Star Wars princess leia two-handled mug

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“I Know” T-Shirt: $29.97

If you’ve ever shipped Han and Leia, you know exactly what this tee is all about.

Star Wars princess leia I know T-shirt

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Her Universe Leia Dress: $39.19

When you want to rock Leia’s confidence but aren’t in the mood for a full-on cosplay, this cute little white dress by Her Universe is just the thing.

Star Wars princess leia Hot Topic Her Universe dress

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Leia Minnie Mouse Ears Headband: $30

No trip to a Disney park is complete without a pair of mouse ears. This headband perfectly combines Minnie Mouse’s signature bow and giant ears with Leia’s white uniform and braided brown locks.

Star Wars princess leia minnie mouse ears

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Princess Leia Cookie Cutter: $6

Stamp out your love for your favorite princess with the help of this plastic cookie cutter. Cookies have never been so empowering.

Star Wars princess leia cookie cutter

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