Princess Song: Big Block SingSong On Girl Power!

The Princess song by Big Block SingSong features a pink princess block singing all about being a girl of influence. We love the example it's setting for girls everywhere!Princess song Big Block SingSong

Big Block SingSong is a show on Disney Junior that teaches important life lessons through catchy songs sung by block-like characters. It sounds weird, but the quirky series has got us hooked!

We're especially obsessed with "Princess," a girl power anthem about a princess in charge, rocking her favorite pink dress!

The princess is in charge of protecting her kingdom, taming dragons, commanding an army of knights and jousting, but that doesn't mean she can make time for tea, bejeweled castles, and rocking tiaras!

"The collection of jewels alone will impress

No stress, though

No one will mess, not with this princess

Just 'cause I'm cute and my dress has frills

Doesn't mean I can't be dangerous

Hey, I got skills"

Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

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