The Definitive Ranking of Pringles Flavors, From Worst to Best

The Pringles slogan is "Once you pop, the fun don't stop," but we've found that some flavors of Pringles chips are way more poppable than others.

To settle the score once and for all, we visited our local grocery store and got our hands on every flavor of Pringles they had so we could do our very own taste test. Here are all of the flavors we sampled, ranked from the very worst to the very best.

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11. Cheddar and Sour Cream

Cheese and sour cream are both awesome ingredients, so we expected this to be a glorious flavor combination. We were thoroughly disappointed. Something about the way these tastes come together just doesn't work. The flavors are underwhelming and offensive at the same time, making this the clear pick for the bottom of the list.

pringles cheddar and sour cream

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10. Ranch

This flavor is much better than the previous one on the list. Its lightly creamy, herby taste is quite nice. Unfortunately, it's a bit too subtle. More ranch-y goodness would definitely help this chip stand out.

pringles ranch

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9. The Original

This chip may be plain, but it's endlessly snackable. It's salty and hearty and it'way too easy to eat an entire can in one go—but fun flavors obviously make them even better.

pringles original

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8. Salt & Vinegar

If you're on the lookout for a salt and vinegar chip with a more subdued flavor, here's your solution. It may not have enough bite to satisfy big salt and vinegar fans, but it's still tasty.

pringles salt and vinegar

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7. Pizza

This chip doesn't actually taste much like pizza, but it's still great. Its flavor reminds us of a blend of tangy tomatoes, herbs and salt, but lacks the cheesy goodness of a real pizza pie.

pringles pizza

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6. Cheddar Cheese

If you love cheese, you won't be able to resist this sharply cheesy Pringle. The taste reminds us a bit of the spreadable yellow cheese that comes in a little package with crackers and a red stick—and that's a good thing.

pringles cheddar cheese

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5. Scorchin' Chili & Lime

These chips are all about the spice. When you bite in, it starts with a citrusy tang that eventually gives way to a heat that'll last with you long after you've stopped snacking. If you have a low tolerance for spicy food, you may want to pass up on these ones.

pringles scorchin chili and lime

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4. BBQ

It's tough to go wrong with a classic barbecue flavor. This one is salty and smoky, with just a hint of sweetness rounding out the taste. It's a go-to for picky eaters, but also complex enough for more sophisticated palates.

pringles bbq

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3. Sour Cream & Onion

While sour cream and cheddar didn't work at all for us, combining sour cream and onion actually makes for one of the very best chips in the Pringles lineup. The savory onion flavor is balanced well by the creamy tartness of the sour cream, and the amount of salt is perfect.

pringles sour cream and onion

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2. Honey Mustard

We didn't expect the honey mustard flavor to be so high on the list, but it's nearly perfect. It has a tiny bit of sour kick from the mustard and a lot of warm sweetness from the honey. The combination of sweet, sour and salty create a flavor that's not too subtle and not too strong, and we can't stop eating them.

pringles honey mustard

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1. Jalapeño

Jalapeño Pringles are the perfect chip. They're a little spicy, but the heat never overpowers the sweet and aromatic flavor of the chip. The spice does add up when you continue to eat the chips, but it doesn't linger for too long after you're done. If you haven't tried these yet, do yourself a favor and buy a can of them ASAP.

pringles jalapeno

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