Prints That Look Incredible Worn Together

We love taking risks when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit.

Whether it's a trend we've seen on our Instagram feeds, a color we've yet to venture into or something else entirely, we're always down to try something new. Lately, we've been super into mixing prints. From polka dot, to stripes, to leopard and beyond, there are so many options out there to choose from! But which ones actually make for a stylish combo?

Keep scrolling to find out which prints look incredible worn together:

1. Polka Dot and Floral

The combination of polka dot and floral is our go-to when it comes to mixing prints. It's such a fun combination, and one that looks great in photos. We think this mixture looks best when both pieces are in a similar color family, or if one of them is a neutral hue. For example, a black and white polka dot piece worn with a floral piece with some white or black in it will look stunning!

polka dot floral


2. Tie-Dye and Stripes

Lately, we've been crushing hardcore on tie-dye pieces. They've been all the rage recently, and we've even began creating our own, right at home. We think a tie-dye piece, like a pullover hoodie, would look super cute over a striped dress. There are a lot of different ways to pull off this look, but it's honestly one that's pretty hard to mess up!

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3. Checker and Plaid

Checker and plaid are very similar patterns. When worn together and on different scales (for example, large plaid blocks and small checkers), you're left with one hot outfit! This is a super easy look to accomplish because everyone and their mother already owns something of the two patterns. Chances are, you have some old checkered vans lying around that will do the trick just fine.

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4. Gingham and Leopard

We're not opposed to mixing anything with leopard! Gingham is one of our favorite options though, as it's a fun contrast to the shape and pattern of leopard. You could even take this a step further and go for something that's leopard-adjacent, like the below pic of a logo-filled jacket worn with a gingham skirt. At first glance, the jacket can pass as leopard! We love how this look turned out.

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5. Snakeskin and Snakeskin

We know what you might be thinking… and no, that wasn't a typo! Snakeskin worn with snakeskin looks seriously incredible. The key here is finding two pieces (whether it be a dress, shoes, bag, skirt or something else) of different style and color. When worn together, you're left with one bold ensemble that's bound to draw all eyes to you.

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