ACM Award Nominee Priscilla Block Dishes on Her Debut Album, Welcome to the Block Party

Country sensation Priscilla Block first flew onto our radars back in 2020, and we've been obsessed with her ever since.

And after having a fantastic 2021, it seems that her 2022 might be even better. Just yesterday, she received an Academy of Country Music Awards nomination for New Female Artist of the Year—and today, Feb. 11, she topped that off by releasing her debut album, Welcome to the Block Party. We can't get enough of Priscilla's unapologetic and authentic sound, and we were honored to get the chance to chat with Priscilla ahead of the release and find out what this big debut means to her.

Sweety High: What does the name Welcome to the Block Party mean to you? What exactly is the "block party" sound?

Priscilla Block: Welcome to the Block Party means the entire world to me. This is my debut album! You only get your first one time. The block party sound is a little sassy, a little trashy and a little sad. I think, all in all, it's country, but pulls a little rock and a little pop sometimes.


SH: What excites you most about finally releasing your debut album? How do you hope it makes your listeners feel?

PB: I think I am most excited for my fans to have new music. I feel like they can dive in a little deeper with this album and get to know me even more. I hope these songs make people feel confident, empowered and make them feel understood. I've gone through a lot, and I hope people are able to find themselves in these songs.


SH: Would you say there's an overarching theme to the album? If so, how would you describe it?

PB: I'd say it's mainly a girl just trying to figure life out through heartbreak, partying, learning more about herself, gaining confidence, accepting her body—all the things.


SH: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

PB: "I Know a Girl" is a song that I still go back and listen to over and over again. That song kind of wrecks me a bit. It was such an honor getting to write with David Garcia and Hillary Lindsey. Having her voice on this song is everything and I think it makes the track stand out amongst the others.


SH: TikTok has been a really important element in your journey. What do you think it is about the platform that's really allowed you to grow, thrive and make a name for yourself?

PB: The thing that I love about TikTok is there are no rules. I can post about my day, my music, my house cleaning, my train wreck of a life, etc. I love that it's not just one filtered picture with a cool caption. You get to see more and feel like you can get to know someone. I think that's what the fans love. They feel like they know me because I put it all out there.


SH: You had a pretty big 2021! What else do you think 2022 will hold for you?

PB: Gosh, if 2022 is anything like 2021, I know it's going to be amazing and all sorts of busy. With my album dropping, that brings on so many exciting things for me. I can't wait to get out on my first headlining tour and meet the fans face to face. This year will also be my first time going to award shows. That will be a whole new experience and I'm so excited that I won't be watching from a bar—I get to actually be there!


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