12 Things You'll Relate to If You Go to Private School

As a former private school student, I know the ins and outs of everything that goes on at these exclusive institutions.

Anyone who's attended one of these schools know that things are just a bit different than at where you'd get a traditional education.

Keep reading for 12 things you'll relate to if you go to private school:

1. Uniforms actually aren't that bad

Not having to worry about picking out an outfit every day is a blessing in disguise. The only thing you can't get over is that skirts have to be past your fingertips (come on, we aren't in the 1800s anymore)!

Heather Matarazzo, Anne Hathaway, and Mandy Moore in The Princess Diaries

(The Princess Diaries via Buena Vista Pictures)


2. You've gone to school with some of your classmates since Pre-K

When you've had the same friends since the age of five, chances are you don't look at them in a romantic way. It makes dating a tad bit difficult, which is why you probably try to meet people in other ways.


3. Everyone isn't magically rich

Of course some of your classmates' families are rolling in dough, but not everyone is like that. While there are definitely some nice cars on campus, you're sick of people assuming you're loaded.


4. You know everyone's business

If a couple breaks up in first period, you know about it by lunch. TBH, the teachers have probably heard about it, too. It makes keeping your "private" pretty unattainable.


5. A lot of your classmates have parents who are alums

There are multiple generations of families at your school. Your mom probably went to school with your teacher, and your siblings probably went there before you.


6. Athletes are treated like royalty

It's understandable to give extensions on papers when a big game is coming up, but when athletes take advantage of this, it's so annoying. They always pass their classes even though some of them never seem to study or turn in their work on time.

Archie Andrews in His Football Jersey on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


7. At least one of your classmates has a driver

This might seem weird to some people, but it totally happens. I swear a girl I went to school with was picked up by her driver every day. We were 11.


8. All of your teachers know your name

If you don't want to get called on to answer a question, chances are that's not going to happen. Feel like ditching class? Your teacher will 100% notice you're missing.


9. Everyone's infatuated with the new kid

As the new kid in 6th grade, I can truthfully say all of the attention was on me. I interrupted the natural order of things—after all, the other students had been going to school together since they were little. I was the new shiny toy that everyone wanted to play with.


10. Your gym is state-of-the-art

There aren't enough parking spots for everyone on campus, yet your gym is all decked out (what's up with that?). It can be compared to The Staples Center—you don't even want to know how much money went into building it.


11. Some of your friends have crazy moms

Scratch that, most of your friends have crazy moms. Whether they are helicopter parents or even worse gossipers than your classmates, there are all types of crazy at your school.

mean girls mom

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


12. School dances are very strict

Good luck trying to have a romantic dance with your S.O. Back in my day, you always had a faculty member breaking up the two of you if things seemed a bit too cozy.


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