Problem Lyric Video By Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea!

Ariana Grande 's new "Problem" lyric video has dropped, and we think this stylish new black and white video is making us love the track even more!Problem Lyric Video Ariana Grande

Shot in moody greyscale with a mysterious 60s vibe, Ariana and rapper Iggy Azalea bust out this track about the mixed feelings following the end of a bad relationship. Without this bad boy in her life, Ariana will have one less problem, but is she willing to let him go?

In the video Ariana and Iggy join the new movement of lyric videos that involve the artists, which we think is a huge leap forward over the lyric videos of the past. Even better, we have an official music video to look forward to in the coming weeks!

The song "Problem" is also excellent in its own right, with an extremely danceable beat. It also does a great job showing of Ariana's ridiculously good vocals and a fantastic rap segment by Iggy Azalea!

It's clear fans are loving the song too, as the track was #1 on the iTunes chart just 37 minutes after it was released!

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