The One Product You Need to Keep Your Body Glitter on All Day

I love glitter.

I hardly wear makeup, but I will happily slather glitter all over my body like it's nobody's business. The only problem is I'm not too good at applying it, as it generally always falls off within seconds.

While at Beautycon this past weekend in Los Angeles, California, I had my face all done up by the wonderful ladies from the Gypsy Shrine—a company that specializes in face and body glitter.

The girl who did my face glitter created this super awesome crescent moon-esque design with iridescent glitter around my eyes. She produced a similar design on my friend Shawna, but with gold glitter. Stunning!

Shawna and Ashley wearing face glitter and flower crowns at Beautycon LA

I never thought I'd be able to recreate this look myself. I mean I tack 99 cent glitter from CVS on my eyelids and/or lips when I'm feeling adventurous. But then I learned a fascinating little tidbit about the best way to get glitter to stick onto your face and body.

The secret? Hair gel. Who knew, right?

Apparently using a paintbrush to apply glitter to your body or face will help the glitter stay on longer than you thought possible.

You want to spread the gel onto your body first and then use the same brush to pat the glitter on top of the gel.

The brand that was used on my face was V05's Wet Look Styling Gel, which you can purchase for $14 on Amazon.

V05 Wet Look Styling Gel

Walking around Beautycon for 4+ hours, I figured the glitter would fall off within minutes. Surprisingly, it didn't.

There were a few flecks that fell off throughout the day, but most of the glitter was stuck like glue.

Ashley's face glitter at the end of the day

And getting it off was way easier than I expected. I just hopped in the shower, put my face under the running water and it melted right off. Though some glitter did stick behind in my hair. Definitely not mad about that though.

Another plus is the gel didn't irritate my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I was worried I would break out because of the gel, but I didn't.

You better believe I purchased some gel and tons of glitter after this experience. I'll be sporting glitter on my face and body more often, especially now that I'm aware of this hack.


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