Our Favorite Products for Getting Your Skin Bikini Season-Ready

When most people think of bikini season, their minds race to working out and eating healthy.

And while that's important not just for the summer, but year-round, there are some other things you can do to prepare your body. If you deal with razor burn, have uneven skin tone and texture or even burn easily, there's a product on the market that can help. Below, you'll find a list of our favorite products to help you get your skin bikini season-ready.

Bawdy Beauty Shake It Seaweed Butt Mask: $10

It's totally normal to have uneven skin on your bum—after all, that's why these butt masks from Bawdy Beauty exist! For getting bikini season-ready, we like the Shake It seaweed mask because it both firms and illuminates the skin. So whether your skin is uneven, you have dimples or even cellulite, this mask will help to smooth out their appearance, all thanks to powerhouse ingredients including seaweed, plant-based collagen, chamomile and oat extract.

bawdy beauty shake it butt mask

(via Bawdy Beauty)


Booby Tape 24K Gold Breast Masks: $26.41

Now that we've covered the booty, what about the boobies? Booby Tape is our go-to brand for all things related to the chest. We plan on using their 24K Gold Breast Masks this summer in preparation for bikini season. Why? Because most women don't have naturally perky or perfect-looking breasts, which is why we wear bras—duh! This mask targets sagginess, wrinkles and even dryness, thanks to ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and 24K gold.

booby tape 24k gold breast masks

(via Booby Tape)


Banbé Eyewear The Huntington: $65

The last thing anyone wants to deal with from a day out in the sun is a burn. We protect our faces first and foremost from the harsh rays of the sun, whether it's with sunscreen, a hat, an umbrella or some fun shades. We're currently obsessing over the new brand Banbé Eyewear. Each style is named after a supermodel, and we love The Huntington sunnies. They're made with 100% UV protection and are pretty dang cute.

banbe huntington sunglasses

(via Billini)


Lapcos Bikini Mask Calming Bikini Mask: $7

If you've ever dealt with razor burn, you know just how uncomfortable it can be—especially in the bikini area! With hot girl summer finally here, we like to keep things tidy down there. To avoid any bumps or inflammation, we couldn't recommend this calming mask from Lapcos enough. It's formulated with rosemary extract, grapefruit extract and aloe, all of which work together to soothe, protect and reduce inflammation and irritation.

lapcos calming bikini mask

(via Lapcos)


Refreshments Luxe 5-Blade Razor Kit: $11

If you want to skip razor burn altogether, it's time to switch to a blade that actually works. We've been using this 5-blade razor from Refreshments for quite some time now, and we are never turning back to anything else. The shave is smooth, doesn't cause irritation and because of the five blades, you'll be left with a super close shave. We are seriously obsessed.

ipsy refreshments razor

(via Refreshments)


+ Lux Unfiltered N°32 Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream: $32

If you're the type of person who burns the instant you step foot outside, we're willing to bet you avoid tanning or baking in the sun at all costs. This hydrating, gradual self-tanning cream from + Lux Unfiltered will give you that tan glow without the risks of the sun. Made with a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and passion fruit oil, your skin will be looking bronzed and hydrated in no time.

lux unfiltered gradual tanning cream

(via + Lux Unfiltered)


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