5 Products That Will Give You A Professional Manicure at Home

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your iced coffee and thought, "I can't post this picture, my nails look terrible!"?

We've all been there. Due to COVID-19, many salon owners have shut down their salons—and even before the pandemic, professional manicures weren't always an option. Manicures can be very expensive, and you don't always have the time to go to a salon. Some people can perfectly recreate professional manicures at home, but not all of us are that talented. Plus, nail polish is just way too easy to smudge.

Thankfully, there are many options now for recreating professional-looking manicures at home. Try these five products for Insta-worthy nails that almost anyone can do!

1. Ohora Nails

Ohora Nails has created a new type of nail that is changing the way we do home manicures. They produce "semicure" nails, a nail gel that is 60% cured, so you can easily apply it. Like elastic stickers, you can stretch the adhesive strips to fit your nails. It has a unique "C-shape" that allows it to mold to the natural curve of your nail perfectly. Each set comes in 15 different sizes and costs $11.50 to $18. You need to check out their N Pianissimo, a light pink polish dusted with gold and a pink accent jewel and the stylish neutral N Misty set. You will need a nail lamp, but Ohora sells nail lamps for only $18 on their website. They stay true to their mission to create a "world where you can enjoy the same high-quality gel nails as nail shops without the constraints of time and space."

Ohara: semicure nails

(via Ohora Nails)


2. Scratch

Scratch nail wraps are the perfect solution for people who hate applying polish but want intricate nail art. The wraps are made by screen-printing adorable designs on adhesive strips. You wrap the adhesive to your nails, file it to size, coat with clear polish and you have a nail art manicure for only $12. Each kit includes two sets of eight wraps and a little nail file. Every manicure lasts five to 10 days, but you can extend the time up to two weeks if you use gel or acrylic. Their patterns are super cute from their Bee Happy bee-inspired print or their tie-dye chrome Prism set. If that wasn't amazing enough, Scratch is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Scratch Nails: nail wraps floral design

(via Scratch)


3. DipWell

DipWell is for everyone that is anti-polish and obsessed with Dip Manicures. Their vegan and cruelty-free professional-grade dipping powders give you professional-looking manicures at home. Dip nails are favored among many people as they are less damaging than acrylics and it lasts longer than polish. This product is an investment as you have to buy the base and finish dip nail powder, the buffer set, cuticle drops, dip nail liquid kit and dip color powder. However, if you're a true fan of dipped-nails, this will save money and time in the long run. They have perfect spring colors in their pastel collection, like the pastel blue PA05. If you're a sparkle kind of person, you'll love their glitter gold.NA-12

DipWell: easy acrylic dip system

(via DipWell)


4. Marmalade Nails

Marmalade Nails has upgraded press-on nails that look like real manicures. Each set comes with 24 press-on nails in 12 different sizes, a nail file, manicure stick, application guide, nail glue and removal tool. The HQ-free certified glue bonds without damaging nails like gel or acrylic and their patent-pending removal tool quickly removes the fake nails. The prices range from $14 for more simple styles to $29 for the jeweled sets. You will never look at press-on nails the same again after trying Marmalade Nails- and you can do it in five minutes! Try their matte Shewolf or their Peachy Square Accents if you're feeling luxurious.

Ohara: semicure nails

(via Marmalade Nails)


5. Essie

Essie is a well-known nail polish with adorable names for its polishes and a wide range of shades. However, their long-lasting gel couture collection gives you the luxury of gel at home. It's a simple two-step system that includes the color polish and a gel top cop. The top-coat does not only give it a gel shine, but it is also chip- and fade-resistant. This polish allows for even color coverage and precise application, so you won't have to worry about noticeable shade differences or messy lines. Inspired by haute couture, the colors range from sheers like Blush Worthy to vibrant reds like Living Legend. You can also do a virtual try-on to make sure you love the color on their website. Each polish and the top-set gel is only $11.50. Enjoy a quality manicure on a budget.

ESSIE: gell couture nail polish

(via Essie)


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