Products That Will Help Combat Dry Lips

The winter months are not easy on our lips.

A lot of us deal with dry, flaky and chapped lips, and it'no fun. Maybe you're the type of person who applies chapstick every 20 minutes, but who really has the time or patience for that?

We tried out all sorts of lip products and narrowed them down to the best of the best. Keep reading to find out which products will help combat dry lips:
woman putting on lip balm

(via Purlisse)

Bella Spirit Translucent Lip Treatment: $35

The Bella Spirit hair mask is our go-to, so when we found out they had a product for lips, we went in with high expectations. And guess what—it doesn't disappoint! Their translucent lip treatment is not only generously sized, but the ingredients included are everything you should ever want in a lip product. Paraffin, shea butter and bamboo water are just a few of the killer features that we've come to love.

lip balm

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Bali Body Coconut Lip Balm With SPF 15: $12.95

If you didn't know, SPF is essential for everyday use, even during the winter! Just because the sun doesn't seem as strong, it doesn't mean it can't still damage your skin. That's why we love Bali Body's coconut lip balm with SPF. Some of our favorite oils packed into this little cutie are coconut oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil, to name a few!

lip balm

(via Bali Body)


Suzanne Organics Peppermint Lip Balm: $14.99

If you don't mind using a lip balm that's more cultured than you, look no further than this peppermint lip balm from Suzanne Organics. The ingredients are from all over the world, including Morocco, the Amazon and the United States. Some of our favorites included are shea butter, capuacu and tacuma!

lip balm

(via Suzanne Somers)


Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher: $10

If you deal with cracked, dry lips on the daily, you absolutely need to get your hands on this lip nourisher from Purlisse. Made with some powerhouse ingredients like mango and shea butter, expect your lips to heal in record time. Plus, they'll feel silky smooth and supple, meaning you might need to find someone to smooch!

lip balm

(via Purlisse)


Naturally Serious 3-In-1 Lip Serum: $14

Naturally Serious makes a 3-in-1 lip serum that will pretty much change your life. It promises to renew, smooth and restore, which is perfect for the pesky winter months. Made with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and goji berries, your lips will thank you—promise!

lip balm

(via Naturally Serious Skin)


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