Don't Leave Home Without These 8 Prom Essentials

You've got the dress and the date—now all you need are the right essentials!

Prom is such a special night, so definitely take advantage and go all out. From stylish accessories to things for your phone, we've rounded up your eight-item checklist of essentials ahead of prom night.

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1. Cute But Functional Purse

Your purse is your carryall, so you better make sure it can hold all of your necessities for the night, including your phone, wallet, makeup for touchups and a hair tie. If you phone doesn't fit or it's super crammed, it will frustrate you on the big night, no matter how cute it looks in photos. Plus, your bag will hang out on the table most of the night as you dance the evening away, so don't think so much about it.

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2. Comfortable Heels

Test drive your heels before the big night. Nothing ruins an evening quite like an uncomfortable pair of heels (with the exception of date drama, but we'll save that topic for another time!). Wear your heels out prior to prom, and if they give you the slightest bit of discomfort, you need to go into damage control. Either pick up a spray to coat your feet before, like Pre-Heels, or swap shoes (here's our case for wearing sneakers to prom!).


3. Phone Charger or Phone Charging Pack

Heaven forbid your phone dies midway through prom and you're unable to capture the most magical evening! Come prepared with either a phone charger, or a charged phone pack so you can juice-up mid-dance if needed.


4. Lip Gloss

This is a given, but obviously lip gloss is essential for touchups! We prefer lip gloss over lipstick for prom because it's not messy, doesn't get all crazy if you eat or drink and is easy to reapply on the go.

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5. Hair Tie

You'll be getting down on the dance floor, and even the prettiest curls won't stop you! You'll get sweaty and will want your hair off your face, so make sure you slip a hair tie into your purse.


6. Hair Accessories

If there's any time to up the glam, it's prom night. When else can you wear any of the super trendy hair accessories that are so hot right now? We're feeling hair accessories over traditional accessories (like earrings and chokers) because they are festive and fun.

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7. Coordinating Corsage

It might be old-school, but the corsage tradition has been around forever. And you don't need a date to get you one either. How fun would it be to coordinate with your best friends and all get matching corsages?


8. Enough Memory on Your Phone

You don't want to have to be constantly deleting photos to make room for new photos on prom night. If storage is constantly an issue for you, handle it ahead of time by deleting unnecessary things from your phone. That way, you can snap away all night long.


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