How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Voted Onto Prom Court

Wanna get voted onto Prom Court?

Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to ensure you'll be rocking a sash or crown on the big night, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances and garner a bunch of votes.

Read on for some tips!

Get Good Grades

For many schools, earning good grades is a prerequisite for even being nominated onto Prom Court, so if you want to rack up those votes, make sure you're working hard. Similarly, some schools won't allow you to be nominated if you've received too many detentions or acted out one too many times. In order to increase your chances of being nominated to Prom Court, you should strive to work hard and be on your best behavior. Even if your school doesn't have a grade or good behavior requirement, doing well in school and acting right should be one of your top priorities.

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Be Involved in School Activities

Many people will say that in some ways, getting voted onto Prom Court is akin to a popularity contest—and in several ways that's true. However, that doesn't mean you need to be the most popular gal in school in order to ensure that you'll be wearing a crown on your head when the time comes. If you want a chance at Prom Court, go ahead and get involved in plenty of school activities — sports, Model U.N., yearbook, you name it! Even if you're not the most popular person in school, being a visible and active member of the student body helps if you want to be considered.


Create a Social Media Presence for Yourself

Creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account for your Prom Court campaign is an easy and fun way to let your peers know you really want to wear that crown. It functions as a great tool to spread the word and let people know why you feel you're deserving of a spot. It also helps ensure that you're recognized and remembered throughout the nominating and voting process. Have fun with it and feel free to post cute photos, videos, campaign slogans and more!

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Run a Clean, Kind Campaign

If you've seen Election, you know that running for anything at school can get very competitive, which means you might be tempted to criticize your opponents in an effort to secure more votes for yourself. Resist that impulse. Sure, it might feel good to point out others' flaws or shortcomings (and might even earn you a few extra votes), but it's not how you should approach nabbing a spot on Prom Court. Instead, focus on running a clean and kind campaign from start to finish. People will respect the effort.


Do Something Fun… and Memorable!

As prom approaches and the voting process nears its end, try to do something your classmates will remember—give out candy grams with your campaign slogan, hand out homemade cookies in the quad—get creative and have a good time with it. Chances are, when it's time to vote, your classmates will remember your efforts.

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