Prom Dress Contest, Unique Vintage: CONTEST CLOSED!

Probably THE toughest part of prom preparation is deciding on the perfect prom dress. Not any old dress will do for such a big event! Prom is a night you'll remember fondly for years to come, and a dress for a night like that should be just as memorable.

Win a Unique Vintage prom dress!CONTEST CLOSED!

Sweety High is here to make your prom shopping experience a little simpler. Who wants a dress that will blend in with the crowd, when you could have one that's vintage and unique?

Win a prom dress from Unique Vintage! It'll be unlike anything your friends will be wearing to prom!  Just come up with a playlist of the 5 songs on your prom playlist!

Entering is easy. Just…

1. Sign up at
2. Click the Contests tab and find the Unique Vintage contest
3. Tell us the five songs you'd want on your prom playlist!

First prize is any Unique Vintage dress up to $100! You can also win runner-up $50 and $25 Unique Vintage gift cards!

Unique Vintage prom dress contest at Sweety High!

Since the first Unique Vintage store opened in 2008, the demand for retro prom dresses has only grown. Now, the shops feature an entire prom section specifically to make girls in-the-know the belles of the ball!

Like their site says, "Unique Vintage is an online boutique for the fashion-forward yet vintage-inspired gal whose style is best defined as nostalgic with a hip, modern, and most of all unique flare!"