The 10 Hottest Prom Dress Trends of 2022

If you're thinking of attending prom this year, it'definitely time to start thinking about your prom dress, if you haven't already.

With prom season rapidly approaching, it will be here before you know it, and you do not want to be frantically shopping the night before, with only limited, not-so-cute options available to you. However, getting started early means you can't get inspired by the dresses everyone else is wearing—so we've taken out all of the guesswork and put together a list of the 10 hottest prom dress trends you'll be seeing everywhere this year.

1. Corset Top Dresses

This prom season, highly detailed corset tops are going to be all the rage. We love the way they evoke the Victorian era in their level of class and sophistication, without being quite so suffocating. Plus, they come in all kinds of styles, so there's a look for any occasion. We particularly love this Everly dress from Mia Bella Couture.

Prom Dress Trends: Corset top Everly dress from Mia Bella Couture

(via Mia Bella Couture)


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2. One-Shoulder Dresses

If there's one trend we're going to be seeing an abundance of this prom, it's one-shoulder dresses, such as this dress from Promlily. With this style, it's all about asymmetry. Somehow, these dresses manage to show off some skin while still being modest, and anyone can pull off the look.

Prom Dress Trends: One Shoulder Easily Adored dress from Promlily

(via Promlily)


3. Boho

Sometimes, trends are all about defying expectations, and that's where this year's Bohemian trend comes in. Boho dresses, such as this mermaid dress from Angel Formal Dresses, mix eclectic aesthetics and utilize light and earthy zones and free-flowing fabrics to create totally unusual prom dresses. It's a daring approach, but find the right dress and it will truly pay off.

Prom Dress Trends: Boho mermaid dress from Angel Formal Dresses

(via Angel Formal Dresses)


4. Roaring '20s

Maybe it's because the 2020s haven't exactly been the best, but the styles of the Roaring 1920s are back in full swing, which is why Gatsby-esque dresses will be so coveted this year. These dresses, such as this one from Zapaka, are all about sleek silhouettes and gorgeously lined metallic details that are sure to turn heads.

Prom Dress Trends: Roaring 20s mermaid sequin black dress from Zapaka

(via Zapaka)


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5. Geometric Details

This year's prom season will also see a huge rise in styles accented with bold metallic geometry, and we're here for it. These dresses, including this one from FLYDP, use contrasting colors and bold shapes that draw in the eye—and it works every time.

Prom Dress Trends: Geometric details from FLYDP

(via FLYDP)


6. 3D Florals

If you like the geometric look but are looking for a little bit softer, 3D florals are also going to be huge this year. This metallic detailing is similar, but makes use of softer colors and more organic shapes for a gentler and more girly look. If you're as obsessed as we are, check out this dress from Jovani.

Prom Dress Trends: 3D floral print dress with plunging neckline from Jovani

(via Jovani)


7. Dramatic Draping

If you prefer looks that evoke all kinds of drama and intrigue, dresses with draping are the way to go in 2022. We love the way this dress from ASOS plays with the fabric to create unique shapes and change its form, and the results are typically as gorgeous as they are flattering.

Prom Dress Trends drape Bardot dress from ASOS

(via ASOS)


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8. Shimmer and Sparkle

Now, here's a trend that we don't think will ever die. This year, we're all about simple dresses that shimmer and sparkle in the light, like this stunning purple number from Promfy, but all forms of glitter will be in this year, whether that's in the form of sequins, dense glitter or something more subtle.

Prom Dress Trends: Glitter and sparkle purple dress from Promfy

(via Promfy)


9. Neons

The neon trend isn't going away anytime soon, and if you're all about these vibrant colors, why not wear them to prom? Expect more daring prom-goers to get all decked out in neon greens, oranges and pinks this season. We think this neon green dress from Formal Approach has a simple enough design to really make it work.

Prom Dress Trends: Bright neon dress

(via Formal Approach)


10. Feather Details

If you really want to make an impact on prom night, a dress with feather details is the way to go. Not only are feathers unique and eye-catching, but they're also tons of fun and make for a bold and unusual silhouette. This one from ABC Fashion is particularly cute.

Prom Dress Trends: Feather accent dress from ABC Fashion

(via ABC Fashion)


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