Prom: Expectations vs. Reality

If you're anything like us, you've been dreaming about prom since you were just a little kid.

In your mind, the night is supposed to be a whimsical, romantic and flawless occasion straight out of a fairy tale.

But—take it from someone who has actually been—it may not be all that you think it's cracked up to be.

Whether you've already been to prom or are attending for the first time, take a peek at these six all too real expectation vs. reality scenarios that perfectly sum up the dance.

The Ask

Prom spelled out and hanging with sparkly lights

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Expectation: You and your crush have been hitting it off so well lately. When it comes time for the big ask, they go to your parents for permission to cover your whole backyard in string lights and rose petals and they hang up a big poster board that reads, "Prom?" Extravagant? Yes, and you love it.

Reality: A guy in your third period math class (who you've talked to a whopping three times) asks if you're going to prom. When you tell him you're not sure because you don't have a date, he says, "You want to go with me or something?" 


The Getting Ready

Girl getting her hair and makeup done

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Expectation: Your parents are oh so generous and hire you an entire glam squad to help you get ready. You get to relax and sip on your fave iced coffee while someone else primps you from head to toe. 

Reality: You wait until the last minute to coordinate getting ready with your besties, and they already have plans. You wind up getting ready alone on your bedroom floor. Not so glamorous, but, hey, it works.


The Ride

Teen girls riding in a limo

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Expectation: Your date splurges and gets you and your friends the coolest, sleekest limo to pull up to prom. You feel like a total celeb. 

Reality: All the limos are booked so you and your date have to hitch a ride from your parents. Can you say awk?



The Dinner Date

Fancy dinner spread

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Expectation: You and your friends all pitch in and go to a fancy restaurant downtown that screams glitz and glamour. You have a beautiful meal and the most Instagrammable dessert you've ever laid your eyes on. 

Reality: You and your friends decide to play it cheap and order a pizza. Gourmet.



The Dancing

Young girls dancing at prom

Expectation: You, your date and your besties are on fire with your dance moves. There's not one person at the dance sitting on the sidelines!

Reality: Boys are on one side of the gymnasium floor, girls are on the other. Womp. Womp. 


The Goodnight

A girl leaning in for a kiss

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Expectation: You and your date-crush just had the best night ever, and as they drop you off at your house, they lean in for the most magical goodnight kiss. Could this night get any better? Probs not. 

Reality: You and your crew are so wiped, that by the end of the night you can't wait to climb in bed. Your whole gang drops you off and they stay in the car as you hop out and wave goodbye. What an exhausting, interesting experience.


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