5 Reasons Going to Prom With Girlfriends is WAY More Fun Than Taking a Date

Most of high school, I felt pressured to find a perfect prom date.

It doesn't help that social media plasters stories of promposals all over our feed making the pressure even stronger to have that monumental experience.

Nevertheless, I cracked the code my junior year and am happy to share the best secret I learned during those four years in high school: You will have the best prom if you go with your girlfriends instead. It's that simple.

Read on to find out why this proved to be true for me and for many other girls!

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1. You Can Actually Get Ready With Girlfriends

Everybody knows that half the fun of going out is getting ready with your girlfriends. You can let loose and sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. You can use your hair brush as an impromptu microphone and nobody will judge you. This is a situation you could never (in a million years!) have with a formal date. There is absolutely no way you could stand in the middle of your bathroom, with no makeup, wearing your boxers and singing Beyoncé in front of a date.

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2. Dates Generally Suck ????

Let's not beat around the bush here: Dates generally suck. If you aren't in a longterm relationship, going to a big, milestone event with somebody you don't know that well can be really awkward. You will feel guarded the whole time and that's never conducive to fun. Spending a big day with your girlfriends on the other hand is one of the best decisions you can make. You are so comfortable in front of each other that you don't have to second guess your actions or think twice before doing something for fear it will look stupid in front of a date.


3. You Don't Have to Dread the Slow Dance

Although every single chick flick we know romanticizes the slow dance, this can be one of the weirdest situations for a girl. Where does your hand go? How close is too close? How slow is too slow? And wait… did I just step on his shoes?! We all know fast-dancing to your favorite pop songs is always way more fun. This year, skip the slow dance and fast forward the fun with your girls.

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4. Your Awkward Prom Photos Won't Haunt You for Eternity

We've all seen crazy awkward prom pictures from the '80s and '90s. The fake smile, the corsage. The stiffness of the people in the pictures is enough to make us want to run the other way. Instead of an uncomfortable prom pic that will haunt you forever, opt for an Instagram-worthy photo shoot with your girlfriends. Set up a camera, let good tunes play and go to town with it. These are the pictures you will cherish forever.


5. #Girlpower

It's 2017, people! Going to prom with your girlfriends shows what a fun, forward-thinking and independent group of girls you are. You've never needed a guy to have fun, so why start now? Enjoy the day with the people you really care about and let loose. Remember that your high school years will be gone in a flash and now is the time to make your memories.


Now that you've got your date settled, let's start thinking about your look for the big day. Try out THIS glitter strobing trend for a makeup look that is sure to stop everybody in their tracks.