6 Hacks That Will Help You Wear Your Prom Heels All Night Long

If you're planning the perfect prom outfit, your shoes are probably near the top of your list of concerns.

It's hard to beat the class and style of a heel, but you also want to be sure you're comfortable. After all, if you're hobbling around all night and looking for any excuse to sit down, your magical evening will basically be ruined.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can try to make your heels more comfortable, ensuring that you can fashionably dance the night away. Keep scrolling for our favorite heel hacks you can use for prom.

Use Deodorant

You should definitely be applying deodorant to your armpits before you head out the door, but did you know it can also be useful for your feet? Before you put on your shoes, roll your transparent deodorant over the parts of your foot that touch your heels. It can prevent chafing and blisters, ultimately making your shoes more comfortable and allowing you to wear them significantly longer.


Throw Them in the Freezer

Much of the discomfort that develops while wearing heels stems from the fact that your shoes are not broken in properly. They're tight on your foot, which leads to blisters, chafing and general discomfort. If you want to break them in quickly, toss them in the freezer. Fill two Ziploc bags halfway with water and place them in your shoes. Then, put your shoes in the freezer overnight. As the water freezes, the shoes will naturally expand slightly, allowing them to fit your feet more comfortably.


Get Some Gel Pads

If you're really concerned about your foot comfort on prom night, you should definitely invest in some gel pads for your heels. Many inserts are made to fit heels, taking some of the pressure off the balls of your feet and redistributing your weight. Plus, they add some cushy comfort to the balls of your feet, resulting in a more comfortable fit overall.


Sandpaper the Bottoms

New shoes are notoriously slippery. While it's just plain annoying to struggle to stay on your feet due to shoes that have no traction, slick bottoms will also put extra strain on your foot. Before you head out for the night, rub some sandpaper on the bottom of your heels. It will make your shoes a little rougher, allowing you to stay on your feet and avoid any embarrassing tumbles.


Tailor Some Moleskin

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric that's soft, but durable. It comes with an adhesive back, and it can be cut to fit any shape or size. If you notice certain parts of your shoe are especially uncomfortable, use moleskin to prevent blisters and chafing. You can cut it and stick it to the straps, to the heel area or even to the tops of the toes to ensure your feet are cozy and comfortable.


Tape Your Toes

This hack sounds a little ridiculous, but when it comes to creating comfy heels, anything is worth a try. It's also easy—simply tape your third and fourth toes together before you slip on your heels. By taping them together, you remove stress that's normally placed on the nerve that exists between those two toes. It helps to redistribute the weight and alleviate your pain, ultimately extending the amount of time you can wear your heels.



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