The Nail Art You Should Wear to Prom, Based on Your Dress Color

Planning prom can be super stressful.

Between finding a date, picking out the perfect dress and scheduling everything, there are way too many little details to keep track of before the big evening.

That's why we're happy to take one little worry off of your plate. Just scroll down to the color of your dress, and we'll reveal the manicure you should get for prom.


If you're wearing a black dress to prom, you're likely going for a sophisticated look. With this simple black mani featuring chunky gold glitter, you'll perfectly complement that air of refinement. If your dress has silver accents, feel free to swap the gold glitter. It'll still be just as stunning.



If you're wearing a grey dress to prom, we bet you're going for a style that's stylish yet subdued. Your nails should also be effortlessly chic. We think this reverse French manicure with a grey base and nude tips fits seamlessly.

Grey dark french tips nail art

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All eyes will be on you in your white prom ensemble, and you won't want your nails to pull too much attention away from the dress. We love pure white nails with simple strips of gold nail tape to do just that.

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Cream-colored prom dresses are classic as well as daring, so your nail art should match. Try a nail polish in a tone matching your dress and bedazzle a single accent nail with shimmering rhinestones for a style that's toned down, yet fun.

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If your prom dress is red, you won't need any help getting all of the attention on the dance floor. A simple nail design, like this vibrant color with some silvery glitter at the cuticles, is the perfect pairing. Just match the shade of red to your dress and you'll be good to go.



We know there are many shades of pink in the rainbow, but this mani should match every one. The 3D rose shapes and accent beads are flashy without being extra. Feel free to change the shade of pink on the nails as needed.

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If you're wearing an orange dress to prom, you're not looking to blend in with the crowd, and your nails shouldn't either. Try a yellow to deep orange sunset ombre look that's sure to turn heads.

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Yellow dresses are bright and cheery, and we think sunflower nails are just the thing to match any shade of yellow. Your nails will wind up bringing nearly as much sunshine to the dance floor as you do.



If you're wearing green to prom, you probably exude an air of mystery and confidence. We think holographic shimmer nails, which change between green, purple and hues of dark grey in the light, will complement any green dress quite nicely.

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Your little blue dress is going to be all the rage at prom, so a simple matte polish will be the perfect accompaniment. Try going for a polish the shade of your dress with just a couple of accent rhinestones to finish off the look.

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Purple dresses are pure glam, so you'll want your nails to reflect the glitziness of the night. Try an ombre look of white or silver to deep purple, and don't forget the glitter!

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Shimmery gold dresses demand a gold mani to supplement them, but less can be more in this case. We adore this look featuring chunky gold glitter at the tips of bare nails. This allows your dress and your nails to shine independently of one another.

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Last but not least, we also think a silver dress should have a subtler silver manicure to complement it. Try a white stripe down the middle of the nail with a band of compact silver glitter up the center over a bare nail for a look that's striking, yet not over-the-top.

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