Pros and Cons of the Three Most Popular Eyebrow Grooming Techniques

Brow maintenance can be a time-consuming hassle.

With so many eyebrow grooming techniques out there to choose from, we're all left wondering which is the best. The answer isn't so simple, as it depends on your skin type, hair type and sensitivity to materials.

Is it possible to achieve Kendall Jenner-worthy brows? Keep reading for the pros and cons of popular eyebrow grooming techniques—and find out which one is right for you!

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Waxing is a great option for those with thick, coarse hair. Since strips are able to remove multiple hairs at once, it's less tedious and painful than other techniques out there. Additionally, it's vital to pay attention to the ingredients in the wax formula you're using. You might be allergic to something in it or simply be irritated. Whatever the case, do a small strip test beforehand to ensure you're good to go.


Pros of Waxing:

– Quick

– Long-lasting

– Hair comes back thinner and slower


Cons of Waxing:

– Risk of burning

– Irritating

– Inflammation

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We're rather fond of the threading technique, and for good reason! It's super efficient, doesn't require loads of equipment and is free of any chemicals. If you're prone to acne breakouts, however, be cautious going into your first threading appointment. Tell the professional about your skin, and they should be able to take a more gentle route.


Pros of Threading:

– Precise

– Efficient

– Easily removes fine hairs


Cons of Threading:

– Irritating

– Can aggravate acne

– Eyes will likely water

eyebrow threading

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This is certainly the easiest method of eyebrow hair removal, because you can do it yourself. Plus, you don't need to pay for an appointment every few weeks! On the other hand, however, it can be rather time-consuming (especially if you're just starting out). It takes practice to get a good grip on tweezers and you have to have a good eye for the shape you want to achieve.


Pros of Plucking:

– Accurate

– Cost-effective

– Minimal tools


Cons of Plucking:

– Tedious and time-consuming

– Can lead to ingrown hairs

– Can cause irritations under the skin

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To sum it all up, we spoke with esthetician Loren Armstrong of Elina Organics Spa Chicago, who shared the following:

"Be careful not to over-pluck, tweeze, thread or wax your brows. Hair growth may not return due to the trauma caused to the hair follicle by the removal. As long as the proper assessments and precautions are made, everyone can have great hair removal results."


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