3 Gluten-Free, Vegan Nutrition Bars That'll Truly Satisfy Your Tastebuds

For years, we've had so-called "nutrition" bars shoved in our faces. But despite packaging meant to appeal to the health-conscious consumer, many of these products are simply mounds sugar in the guise of a "bar."

On the flip-side, some bars, are low in carbs and sugar, but they have a weird, chewy consistency and/or a lack of flavor.

Enter my fave plant-based nutrition bars! I've been on a serious mission lately, scouring the sections at Whole Foods, talking to friends and reading labels like it's my job. After completing Whole 30 in Sept., I've never looked at ingredients and nutrition facts the same. And while I still have yet to find the dream bar (you know, one that's under 10 carbs and still manages to taste good), the selections I've found below are about as close to perfect as they're going to get!

Keep reading for three gluten-free, vegan nutrition bars that'll surprisingly satisfy your taste buds:

Tone It Up$7.99 (4-pack)

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If you're into traditional granola bars, these are your best bet. Loaded with rolled oats and mixed nuts, this will give you your grain fix, but with significantly more protein and no gluten. While these aren't dense with vitamins, they'll give you just the ammo you need before a workout, the right amount of protein you need for after a workout, and they'll kick up your morning with necessary energy if an on-the-go breakfast is all you have time for.

Favorite Bar: Blueberry Coconut

Purpose: breakfast; before or after a workout

Owyn: $23.88 (12-pack)

If a creamy consistency is what you miss from a dairy-filled traditional bar, the inclusion of sunflower oil, vanilla extract and other natural ingredients provides a bit of the texture you crave. Additionally, Owyn bars are just all-around delicious. They contain just the right amount of sweetness, while providing enough protein to fill you up if you're eating on the run, and enough carbs to get you amped pre-workout (without going overboard).

Favorite Bar: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Purpose: breakfast; before or after a workout

OHi: $24.99 (8-pack)

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Based on the packaging, if you're worried these bars are going to taste like either a tropical vacation or a processed vegetable, rest assured the main ingredients are not overpowering, and the added cacao nibs, vanilla extract (depending on the bar) and heaps of superfoods totally contribute to evening out the flavor. Simply put: These bars are absolutely delicious. If there's one thing I learned from my long strolls through the aisles at Whole Foods, it's that just because a product is carried there doesn't mean it isn't chock-full of sugar and other ingredients that minimize its health benefits. OHi is the only sweet and savory bar I've found that's paleo-approved, which is a feat in itself.

Favorite Bar: Coconut Macadamia

Purpose: superfood snack


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