I Went to a Psychic and Her Predictions Were Everything I Needed to Hear

Lately I've been feeling a little bit lost in my life.

I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing or if I'm even on the right path. Granted, everyone feels this way from time to time, but I've been stuck in this terrible rut for what feels like an eternity.

With my future looking rather hazy, I decided now would be the perfect time to pay a visit to a psychic, because if I can't see a future for myself, hopefully they can.

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Empathizing with my struggle, my co-worker Dahvi suggested I visit Mystic Journey in Venice, California and get a reading from the highly-recommended Wendy Allamby.

Without hesitation, I booked an appointment with Wendy and eagerly waited for the day to arrive.

When the time had come, I was a bit nervous. A billion "what ifs" about what Wendy would potentially tell me about my life were consuming my thoughts. What if I'm never going to accomplish any of my hopes and dreams? What if I'm never going to find love? What if some horrible tragedy is about to come my way?

Trying to ignore these negative notions, I took a few deep breaths and waltzed into Mystic Journey. I told the woman at the register I was here for my reading with Wendy and she told me to sit tight while she went and got her. Within a couple of minutes, an adorable British woman walked up to me to introduce herself as Wendy, and off we went into her reading room.

Now I should preface this by saying Wendy isn't your average oracle. She doesn't gaze into a crystal ball and tell you the exact date you'll find "the one." Rather, she's what's known as an Angel Practitioner, meaning she channels your spiritual team of angels to help give you the guidance you need for a successful and prosperous life.

Not having any clue as to what my spiritual team was or even how to connect with them, Wendy spent a majority of my 30-minute reading teaching me all about them and how to synch up with them daily.

She began the lesson by reminding me that as humans we have our own free will to choose whichever path in life. Nothing is predetermined. But we can ask our team of angels to assist us in making important life decisions and sort of help us secure something we strongly desire.

Being new to all of this, Wendy gave me a specific angel to call upon—archangel Michael. He offers protection and guidance when needed most.

To be clear, anyone can call upon the same angels. Yes, your team is your team, but it's made up of the same group of angels for every being in the world. It doesn't matter which religion you are, these angels will always be there when you give them a ring.

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Wendy then asked if I had any specific questions to ask the angels, and this is the moment where I received the very advice I needed to hear.

I'm going to start off my saying that I haven't had the best luck in relationships recently, and pretty much just all throughout my life. I've kind of given up on the idea of ever finding someone who wants to spend the rest of their life with me, so of course I asked if it is possible for me to find true love, because I was feeling hopeless at this point in my life.

Wendy proceeded to remind me that true love comes from within. You have to fully appreciate the person you are for those around you to do the same. And for added assurance, I should call upon my spiritual team to rid my life of negative people and fill it with loving and kind souls in return.

In order for this to be of use to me, my heart also had to be open to the idea of love. I often pretend I'm this hardcore chick who doesn't believe in love, but that's only because I'm scared of getting hurt. I do know love exists and I want to find that happiness for myself, but as Wendy stated, I have to find that within myself first.

And just like that, Wendy's timer chimed its completion and the reading had come to a close. Before I left, she even recommended me some spiritual authors to look into and meditation methods to follow that would better align me with my spiritual team.

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All in all, I'm so glad I decided to partake in a psychic reading with Wendy. Was her advice what I wanted to hear? Not exactly. But was it what I needed to hear? Absolutely!

My journey to self-love begins now, and I'm definitely stoked for what the future holds. I hope that as I ask for help from my spiritual team, the thought of it will become less terrifying as each day passes and I'll have no trouble finding my way.

If you are pondering the idea of visiting a psychic yourself, I would totally recommend Mystic Journey—that is, if you live anywhere near it, of course. If Mystic Journey isn't a place you can easily get to, do your research. Don't just walk into any random psychic shop. Instead, look around your area for oracles who are certified in the field.


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