Everything You'll Relate to If You Just Started Going Through Puberty

One minute you're an innocent girl, play-fighting with boys at recess and planning sleepovers with your best gal pals—next thing you know, you have a slew of things to worry about.

From periods and hormones, to bras, armpit hair, stretch marks and more, a lot can hit you all at once in your early teens.

Keep reading for everything you'll relate to if you just started going through puberty.

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1. You Have a Love-Hate Relationship With the Whole Thing

Going through puberty is a pain in many ways, but it finally makes you feel that special sense of "maturity" that you read about in books and see in movies and TV. You're no longer a little girl, and you expect people to stop treating you like one. While there's some discomfort you feel in discovering more about your body, there's a sense of confidence that accompanies it.

On the flip side, periods suck, and you now find yourself shaving almost every day. What the heck? You don't fit into any of your old clothes anymore and each day presents a new surprise in terms of your physical development.


2. You Also Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Tampons vs. Pads

Ah, the grand ol' tampons vs. pads debate. We're willing to bet your mom is pushing for pads, while your pals at school opt for tampons. While pads feel like huge diapers that sometimes leave indentations in your pants, tampons are tricky. You initially have no idea how to apply them and you fear Toxic Shock Syndrome. What do you do?!

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3. Your Mom Constantly Nags You to Go Bra Shopping

Despite your mom's willingness to buy you a beautiful, feminine undergarment, you have no interest. Not only is it a pain to shop for something no one else will see, bras are uncomfortable, and you're not used to that extra step in your getting ready routine each morning.


4. You Notice Black Dots Everywhere (Oh, Wait, That's Hair)

Since when are you supposed to have hair all over your body? Is this really a thing? Only guys are supposed to be hairy, right? You feel like King Kong, and even when you shave, the hair just grows back.

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5. PMS Is Totally a Thing

True, you do feel like an adult now that you've gotten your period—but the PMS that goes along with it is a major drag. Your mood swings are bad enough, but no one could have put period cramps into words. They're not only a deep, debilitating pain, but they make you feel 20 lbs. heavier, just bloated for 72+ straight hours.

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6. Your Body Changed… Seemingly Overnight

This part is so crazy, and you either lucked out or ya didn't! Either you suddenly lost all your baby fat and had a growth spurt, turning you into a beautiful swan—or, your growth didn't quite take as well, and you're left with stretch marks everywhere, a totally different metabolism and other body enhancements you were not expecting. Regardless of the outcome, your body just isn't what it used to be, and you aren't quite sure how to deal.


7. You're Not Sure How to Dress Anymore

Going off of No. 6, with all your physical changes, you don't fit into things the way you once used to. Either you find your newly acquired love handles taking over the jeans that fit you perfectly even a month ago—or all of your tops are suddenly midriff-baring because you've grown so much. Do you embrace this new look, along with your newfound cleavage? Or do you cover up? When did dressing get so complicated?

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8. You Make Your Mom Purchase Your Feminine Products

Even though periods are a natural occurrence for all females at some point or another, it's always awkward at the beginning. Although you likely feel proud and womanly having joined this coveted group of post-pubescent ladies, addressing the matter is uncomfortable. You don't want the guy at the grocery store to look at you differently as you may your way down the checkout line. It's just so much easier to have mom do your dirty work. Chances are, she's buying some for herself anyway!


9. You Cringe When You Have to Ask the Dreaded, 'Do You Have a Spare Tampon'?

Going off of No. 8, when all else fails and you're in a dire need to use a tampon (or pad) on the spot, you absolutely dread having to ask for one. You know it'll bring up a bunch of looks and questions about when you first started your period.

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10. You Bury Tampon Wrappers or Used Pads at the Very Bottom of the Trash Bin So No One Can See

The last thing you need is one of your siblings or dad poking fun at your time of the month. That's why you make absolutely sure there's no record of it. Whether you're at your own home or someone else's, you bury that feminine product (or its wrapper) deep, deep down into that trash can. And if the trash can's empty? You'll find a way to sneak it into another trash area around the house.


11. Acne Has Hit You… Hard

Suddenly look in the mirror to see a pepperoni face looking back at you? Yep, sounds about right! You have no idea what's going on. Your eating habits haven't changed, you've been drinking plenty of water—yet you find yourself plagued with blemishes everywhere. Every time one goes away, another pops up. Will it ever end?

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