9 Struggles You'll Relate to If You've Ever Used a Public Bathroom

They say death and taxes are the only guarantees in life, but crappy (pun intended) trips to public restrooms certainly fall within this category.

As someone who's experienced all of grade school and worked at several different companies, I've therefore had my share of hundreds of public restroom encounters (and that's not even including my stops at airports, restaurants and other such places).

Going to the restroom at school or work can take mere seconds, yet these brief trips are so freaking dreadful.

Cady Herron in the Bathroom

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If you've ever made your way to a public restroom (and who hasn't?), you'll surely relate to the nine struggles below:

1. You're stuck with someone else's mess, stench or both. An unflushed toilet filled with [insert gross bodily fluid here]? Check. The leftover smell of someone who clearly ate chili for lunch? Check. Why must your fresh-scented dainty little self be subjected to someone else's bodily functions?

2. You uncontrollably freeze up when someone else enters the bathroom, and you find yourself just sitting on the toilet awkwardly until they leave. Yes, pee anxiety is a thing. Yes, it's the worst.

3. There are no toilet seat covers left (or present at all) and you're forced to use toilet paper or paper towel as a replacement—only to have it fall into the toilet mid-sit.


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4. You walk into the bathroom and a gaggle of giggly gal pals are doing makeup in the mirror, when all you want to do is go to the bathroom in peace and private.


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5. That uncomfortable moment when you and a restroom mate make your way to the sink at the exact same time. Those three seconds of awkward small talk can feel like three hours.

6. You've just smelled up the bathroom and someone comes into your stall right as you're walking out. Oops!

7. Someone walks into the restroom just as you're giving the mirror your best duck face.


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8. That awkward run-in with either someone you don't get along with, or someone who's been avoiding you all week.


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9. When you and the person in the stall next to you sit in awkward silence for what feels like hours because neither of you feels comfortable going to bathroom in front of the other.


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