This PJ Set From Pudus Loungewear Is the Softest Thing You'll Ever Wear

Now that the weather is crisp and chilly, I've been turning to long sleeve pajama sets to sleep in.

During the hotter months, I'll typically wear an old T-shirt and shorts, but colder weather means I want to be all bundled up! If you're anything like me, allow me to introduce you to Pudus Loungewear. They recently launched their pajama collection and sent me a set to try out for myself. And oh my goodness, it just might be the softest thing I've ever worn. Look below to find out all about the brand and their comfy pajamas.

The Brand

Pudus loungewear is a family-run business based out of British Columbia, Canada. The brand first gained notoriety for their slipper socks, which I've actually tried and love. They're super soft and great to wear around the house when it's chilly. Pudus is all about comfort and providing customers with super comfy and cozy clothes and slippers.


The PJs

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I'm the sort of person who likes to wash new clothes before wearing them, and that's exactly what I did with these pajamas! After trying them on to make sure they fit correctly, I cut off the tabs and put them into the washer and dryer. Once they were all clean and smelled good, I was ready to put them to the test.

The fabric is a blend of Tencel modal and spandex French terry, resulting in a super soft and thermo-regulating finished product. To the touch, the fabric feels buttery-smooth and reminded me of gossamer. I also appreciated the fact that the PJs were made with sensitive skin in mind!

Once it was time to go to bed, I crawled under the covers, set my book aside and blew out my pumpkin-scented candle. And even though it's colder these days, I still tend to get toasty at night, so I was hoping I wouldn't wake up sweating. I was glad to find my body temp seemed just right when I woke up, which I think is due to the Tencel fibers included in the fabric! It's known to absorb moisture, therefore keeping you dry and warm.

As for the look of the PJs, I was in love. The top features a collar and a cute pocket, while the bottoms have an elastic waistband and a drawstring. They contain all of my ideal wants and needs in a PJ set, so it's no wonder I've worn these time and time again!


Bottom Line

I'm over the moon about these Pudus pajamas and think the investment is well worth it. You get what you're paying for and more! And with the holidays coming up, I can't think of a better gift to add to your wish list.


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