You Need to Try This Pumpkin 24K Gold Sheet Mask

Fall signifies pumpkin overload—pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin pie… I even had pumpkin lasagna the other day! But when it comes to beauty, you should be using pumpkin year round in your routine.

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Pumpkin—specifically pumpkin enzymes—are fantastic for your skin and great when used in the form of a mask. Pumpkin enzymes are packed with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover and brighten and smooth your skin. Pumpkin also contains antioxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help soften, soothe, and boost collagen, which helps with aging.

I received the cutest fall delivery from the brand Too Cool For School, which came with a slew of festive enviable goodies, including a Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask for vitality and radiance.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Mask

I cleansed my skin per usual, toned it and then applied the sheet mask. According to Sephora, it's a "bio-cellulose sheet mask drenched in pumpkin fruit extract and 24k gold for radiant, well-nourished skin" and I'm supposed to leave it on for 30-40 minutes. I put on my mask and brewed myself a PSL. Yes, I'm basic, deal with it. Also, major thanks to Too Cool For School—the latte and mask really got me in the fall spirit even though it's 90 degrees in L.A. 

Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask

Pumpkin 24k Mask Pumpkin Spice Latte

I instantly felt a light tingle and a surge of hydration. I left the mask on for 40 minutes and wow did my skin feel plump and hydrated! The only thing I was slightly disappointed about is that the mask wasn't gold–I know, I'm extra and wanted my 24k mask to be gold in color. 

Next, I gave the Pumpkin Sleeping Pack a whirl a few nights later. Because they both have exfoliating properties, I wouldn't suggest using each on the same night, or even back-to-back nights. This stuff tingles a bit more than the mask, but in a good way! I slathered it all over my face and hit the sack. In the AM, I woke up and cleansed my face, and my skin felt really smooth, almost like it had been refinished—I'm sold! If you're not already using a pumpkin product in your beauty routine, you should definitely add one.


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