The Pumpkin Products Loved By All Beauty Junkies

With Labor Day on our rearview mirror and fall on the horizon, there is no better time to start thinking about a cold weather beauty routine.

Pumpkin takes center stage this season, and for good reason: The ingredient packs a punch with A, C and E vitamins. Pumpkin is also chock full of essential fatty acids and fruit enzymes.

Read on for the most beloved pumpkin beauty products out there!

Lip Smacker Pumpkin Spice Latte

We are still a sucker for good ol' fashioned Lip Smackers. The company has been doling out solid products for years, and their Lip Cafe Frappe Lip Balm in Pumpkin Spice Latte is no exception. This yummy version of their famous lip balm comes in a fun container and goes on clear.

pumpkin lip smacker

(via Amazon)


Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner

Pumpkin products have a way of making themselves scarce with limited edition debuts. This awesome product is no different, as WEN's Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner is a blend that will only be here for a short time. They combine pumpkin seed extract with ginger root oil that helps your scalp and your locks.


(via Wen Hair Care)


Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Jelly Body Scrub

What's better than a PSL? A marshmallow PSL! Bath & Body Works is giving us all the fall feels with this cool jelly formula that gently buffs and polishes your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The smell is specially crafted to remind you of a mug of pumpkin latte with toasted marshmallow.Pumpkin Body scrub

(via Bath & Body Works)


Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask

Sheet masks have been our go-to for better skin in a pinch and we can't wait to add this pumpkin concoction to our collection. In addition to having our fall favorite in the formula, this mask is also infused with 24k gold (for real!). We can't wait to feel like a million bucks after we try this!

pumpkin face mask(via Sephora)


Pumpkin Spiced Latte Deodorant

If you love natural products and your deodorant habit is the only thing holding you back from a completely clean routine this fall, Native Natural Deodorant is here to save the day. It has a limited edition pumpkin spice latte scent that is both sweet and spicy with just a touch of citrus.

pumpkin deodorant

(via Native Deodorant)


Pumpkin Spice Boxed Flower

Thanks to this body buffer, you can now literally bathe in fall's fave scent. This shower buddy has a unique surface that changes instantly when you squeeze it. It can either have an exfoliating texture or a silk finish, depending on your preference.
Pumpkin body wash
(via Spongellé)


PCA SKIN Nutrient Pumpkin Toner

Want a healthy glow to go with that fall wardrobe? This pumpkin-based toner is designed to gently exfoliate as it delivers nutrients to your skin. One of the main ingredients used is produced by fermenting a whole pumpkin and bringing both vitamin A and C to the formula. Although it won't leave you smelling like a latte, this potent formula will give you baby soft skin after you cleanse.

PCA toner



Kate Somerville Exfolikate Cleanser

Don't want to smell like a latte but do want to reap the many benefits of pumpkin? Say no more fam, we've got you covered. Kate Somerville's Exfolikate foaming face cleanser has a formula with pumpkin, pineapple and papaya enzymes that gently exfoliate without drying. It leaves your skin soft and refreshed and is gentle enough to use every day. 

Exfolikate cleanser

(via Kate Somerville)


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