The 4 Pumpkin-Infused Skincare Products We Love Most in Fall 2019

If pumpkin is your jam, it's time to put down the PSLs.

As much as the festive treat gives us the warm and fuzzies, it also has minimal nutrients and contains an excess of sugar that even Captain Crunch would find overwhelming. But not all hope is lost when it comes to incorporating this special squash into our daily routine.

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There are a handful of tried and true beauty products made with pumpkin, and unlike the artificial pumpkin flavoring used in those coffee drinks you love, these skincare items are the real deal. Pumpkin has some amazing health and beauty benefits, so if you haven't gotten to know this food outside of carving it for Halloween, now's the season to start.

Keep reading for the four pumpkin-infused skincare products we love most in 2019.

Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion 10%: $35

If you really want that fresh fall fragrance following you around all day (????????), this is the lotion for you. A little bit goes a long way—not just with aroma, but also functionally. Just one very thin layer is required to help improve the tonal quality and elasticity of the skin. Also, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, or you experience keratosis pilaris ("chicken skin") bumps, this lotion will help minimize issues.

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Savor Beauty Pumpkin Seed Serum: $64

This brand new serum is the ultimate glow-getter! Packed with pumpkin seed oil, vitamin E, zinc, omega 3- and 6- fatty acids, as well as collagen-boosting antioxidants, this brightening beauty serum first and foremost hydrates like no other—but also renews dull skin, fades dark spots, helps with skin renewal and clears imperfections for smooth, even skin. It's your all-in-one dream product packed into one tiny bottle.

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Skin Active Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliant: $12.99

Made with pure fermented pumpkin fruit, this gentle exfoliant is the answer to all of our skincare prayers. Many exfoliants and scrubs are way too harsh on our skin, but this bad boy actually gets the job done. This enzyme exfoliant is an immediate game-changer. Prepare yourself for baby-soft skin, even tone and texture, and an overall moisturized complexion. Skin Active also has a pumpkin spice mask, which is perfect for use after this peel.

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Wondergloss Pumpkin Latte Masque: $50

If your dull, dry skin is in need of a reboot, you've come to the right place. This pumpkin-infused, glycolic acid-based mask also includes vitamin E and C, coffee bean, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg powder to create a tingling sensation on your face while  working deep into your pores. Once you rinse off the powerful solution, the result is smooth, shimmery skin.

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