These Are the Pumpkin Beauty Products Every Fall-Loving Girl Needs

Fall-loving girls, raise your hand if you've already hit Starbucks about a million times to get your PSL fix.

There's something about that pumpkin spice flavor that brings you joy and comfort and you'll go to great lengths to smell that sweet, sweet aroma on the reg.

If you need a break from sipping pumpkin spice lattes, but still crave the sweet flavor note, why not incorporate it into your beauty routine? Scroll below to see the 11 pumpkin-infused beauty products that will leave you smelling and feeling fall fresh.

Purrfect Pumpkin Lotion: $13

Pick up this delicious scent if you're ready to lather yourself up with rich shea butter, soothing aloe butter and creamy cocoa butter. It melts into your skin and makes you smell like pumpkins and fresh, crisp apples. Yum.

Purrfect Pumpkin Lotion

(via Bath & Body Works)


Pumpkin Sleeping Mask: $18

Want to incorporate pumpkin into your beauty sleep? Then you need to pick up this pumpkin-scented night moisturizer. It's in between a cream and a gel and smoothes on quickly after you cleanse your face. Leave it on all night and get whiffs of sweet pumpkins as you sleep. Wash it off the next morning and you'll be feeling so rejuvenated.

Pumpkin sleeping mask

(via Memebox)


Pumpkin Cupcake Soap: $6.50

It's not possible to go wrong when you add two delectable scents like pumpkin and cupcake into one. Lather up your hands with this rich hand soap and you'll be smelling oh so sweet.

Pumpkin Cupcake Soap

(via Bath & Body Works)


Harvest Pumpkin Perfume Oil: $8

If you want to carry the essence of your favorite scent all day long, pick up a pumpkin perfume oil roll-on and stash it in your purse. You'll never have to go long without getting a quick sniff of your fave smell.

Harvest Pumpkin Perfume Oil

(via Etsy)


Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Body Mist: $14

Is it just us, or does this product sound like it could be Starbucks' new hit drink? This body mist has notes of sugared pumpkin, caramel, vanilla and apple, and is the perfect day-time perfume.

Marshmallow pumpkin latte body spray

(via Bath & Body Works)


Pumpkin Hand Sanitizer Collection: $6

This find is so practical but so wonderful. Bath & Body's six-pack collection of their pumpkin hand sanitizers is everything a pumpkin-lover could dream of. With scents like Pumpkin Cranberry Cider and Pumpkin Berry Crumble, you just can't go astray.

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer Collection

(via Bath & Body Works)


Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm: $3.29

Fall brings many lovely things, and a few things we're not the biggest fans of—one of those things being chapped lips. Thanks to this limited edition Burt's Bees pumpkin spice lip balm, we can soothe our lips and enjoy our fave scent all at once. A true win-win situation.

Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm

(via Target)


Pumpkin Puree Mask: $22

Although it's important to keep your lips chap-free during this season, it's equally important to keep your skin hydrated. This mineral clay-based mask will go deep into your pores and remove imperfections for a super fresh complexion. The pumpkin scent is the added bonus we live for.

Pumpkin puree mask

(via Dermstore)


Pumpkin Sheet Mask: $3.75

If you're more of a sheet-mask girl, try picking up this mask containing natural pumpkin extract. It's an anti-aging mask which we know you don't need, but it will still make your skin feel super soft and elastic. Can't argue with that.

Pumpkin sheet mask

(via Ulta)


Pumpkin Spice Latte Lip Scrub: $12

When the chapstick isn't cutting it and your lips need a little more TLC, this pumpkin spice latte lip scrub will brighten up your day. It's the perfect way to prep your lips before applying your fave fall color lipstick, and it's edible so you'll actually get to taste it's sweetness! Amazing.

Pumpkin spice latte lip scrub

(via Beautylish)


Pumpkin Icing Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath: $24.35

If you want to smell like pumpkin from head to toe, you need this product in your life. This product serves as shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, so go ahead and lather up from top to bottom.

Philosophy's Pumpkin Icing shampoo

(via Amazon)


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