This Pup Organizes Her Own Personal Protest Every Time Her Human Leaves the House

This pup adores her human mom, but she sure has a funny way of showing it.

Cookie is a 3-year-old labradoodle who lives with in the U.K. with her human mom, Sally, and her dog mom, Custard.

Even though Cookie lives with her real mother, she's developed a special bond with Sally. Cookie follows Sally around relentlessly, never wanting to be out of her presence. On the occasions that Sally does need to step out of the house, Cookie stages a protest to show her displeasure at being separated from her beloved human.

On many occasions, Sally has returned home to find their house filled with evidence of Cookie's disapproval. Some of the carnage includes chewed up shoes, ripped up stuffed animals and the contents of the kitchen cupboards scattered across the floor.

Sally admits that Cookie's adorably innocent expression when she is faced with her crimes makes it almost impossible to be upset with her. What can she say? The sweet pup just adores her human.

Click HERE to see more of Cookie's adorable smile at her chaotic creations.


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