Make Your Dog THE Coolest at the Dog Park With PupLid, the Trucker Hat for Dogs

Two weeks ago, my family welcomed two new members to the family—meet Hilda and Magnus.

Hilda and Magnus Boston terriers

Since these adorable Boston terrier pups have come home, the family has made sure to lavish them in all of the love and attention possible—and we're spoiling them a bit, too. With International Dog Day coming on Aug. 26, the timing couldn't be better—and when the folks behind the PupLid reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing, I just had to say yes.

PupLid specializes in trucker hats for dogs, and what could be cuter than Hilda and Magnus in tiny trucker hats of their own? They sent me some for the pups to wear, and the results speak for themselves.

The Brand

PupLid is all about just one thing—trucker hats for dogs. They're designed not just to look awesome and super cute, but also to protect dogs' delicate eyes (as well as skin) from the sun. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, they come with a chin strap and adjustable ear straps to guarantee a great fit and come in sizes XXS (for dogs up to about 8 lbs.) to L (for dogs up to 100 lbs.). They also come in four different colors and 11 different designs with beach and nature themes, so they're sure to catch attention wherever your dog goes. Pricing depends on the size, starting at $14.95 for XXS up to $17.95 for L.

puplid in small and extra small

(via PupLid)


The Hats

I was so excited when my PupLids arrived in the mail, and the brand went above and beyond by not just sending me the XS hats in blue and pink that I'd requested, but also S-sized hats in green and red for my puppies to grow into.

From there, I just had to get the lids on my pups. Even on my wriggly puppies who refuse to stay still, it wasn't too hard to get each hat on. I just had to put the hat on each dog's head, with the ears poking out through the strap openings, before fastening the velcro chin straps under their chins. There are sliding toggles on each strap, which can be adjusted for the perfect fit to lock it in place, and—voila—your dog is wearing a trucker hat!

Hilda the boston terrier in pink puplid

My puppies are barely 10 weeks old, and I overestimated the size of hat they'd need, so their PupLids are still a little bit too big for them, but I don't think you'd disagree that they look adorable in them, anyway. The quality of these hats, from the prints on the caps to the mesh on the back, is way better than I expected from a hat for dogs. Hilda and Magnus don't seem to hate wearing the hats, either, which is a huge plus, and the hat stays on securely no matter how rowdy they get. Plus, the bill definitely protects their young eyes from the harsh summer sun. I can't wait for them to fully grow into the hats, and even if they grow out of them, I'll have another set for them to enjoy.

Magnus the boston terrier in blue puplid


Bottom Line

If you're looking for a slick trucker hat that protects your dogs from the sun while making them the most fashionable canines around, you can't do much better than PupLids. Their hats are high-quality, great-looking and secure, and you are going to get a ton of attention when you take your puppies out in these. If there's one downside, it's just that some dogs aren't going to love it. They're dogs with their own personalities, after all. Still, it's a great product for a great price, and it'll make your dog the coolest in the dog park.


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