Put A Lid On It: Cimorelli Sings About Bullying!

A new lyric video is out for Cimorelli's performance of "Put A Lid On It," an anti-bullying track written in part by the students at World Journalism Preparatory School in Rocket 21's "Dream Big To Stop Bullying" competition!Put A Lid On It Cimorelli

The competition, in collaboration with Zayanne Rifai and her anti-bullying apparel company Fight Your Ignorance, tasked kids across the nation to come up with their own anti-bullying slogans. One of the winners was Alyssa Striano from Flushing, New York!

As one of the contest prizes, the 10th grade students at the school met with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Steve Seskin to turn the slogan, "Put A Lid On It," into a song!

Best of all, "Put A Lid On It" was then performed by Cimorelli for the whole school to enjoy! The song asks bullies to put themselves in the shoes of the bullied, and realize how easy and important it is to stop bullying others.

The new lyric video animates the track and reveals some great photos from the event! It's clear from the audio that the crowd really got involved and loved the song and its message!

Listen to Cimorelli's gorgeous performance below, and click here to check out their Stand Up To Bullying series! You can also join our anti-bullying community and do what you can do make a different at SweetyHigh.com!