Pygmy Marmoset Chows Down On Macaroni

What do pygmy marmosets- the world's smallest monkeys- eat? This little guy seems to enjoy uncooked macaroni!

Pygmy marmosets are the world's smallest monkeys… and this one seems particularly tiny! In the wild, they live in the Amazon rainforest in Central American countries near the equator.

The average adult pygmy marmoset weights about 100 grams, about the same as a medium-sized tomato!

In the wild, pygmy marmosets eat tree gum. We're not talking about bubble gum! Gum is a sap under the bark of some trees, which contains lots of nutrients that are a big part of many animal diets. Using their specialized teeth, they gnaw a hole in the tree's bark and wait for the gum to collect!

Pygmy marmosets have a complex social system, and nearly always live in groups of five to nine monkeys. The also have a unique system of calls to talk to each other!