Qēt Botanicals' Purely Suite Discovery Kit Is the Perfect Intro to Serums

Lately, I've been all about serums.

I've recently fallen in love with the Superbloom serums I've incorporated into my morning and night routines, and seen noticeable improvements in the quality of my skin. So when the folks behind Qēt Botanicals reached out and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their single-ingredient pure serum boosts, I was down, but also a little hesitant about backing away from a couple of my new favorite products.

But after receiving their Purely Suite Discovery Kit and learning more about the green self-care company Qēt, I was delighted to find out I didn't have to ditch what I was using to also try out their serums. Here's what I mean:

The Kit

The Qēt Botanicals Purely Suite Discovery Kit contains three .06 oz. vials of three different single-ingredient face oils. They're each 100% organic, and are made up of ingredients that are great for our complexion, packed with vitamins and other nutritious elements that the skin needs to thrive. And the included cranberry, rosehip and squalane oils work well enough on their own as facial oils—they're not designed primarily to replace your other serums, but to complement them. Their directions recommend using them following toner and serum use, so they're all about boosting what you're already doing as part of your regular skincare routine.

Each little vial in the kit contains seven to 10 generous treatments—or more, if you use it sparingly. The kit retails for $20.

Qet Botanicals Purely Discovery Set

(via Qēt Botanicals)


The Serums

Purely Cranberry

This little cranberry serum, made from cold-pressed cranberry seed oil, is a rich yellow-green in color, and is full of all kinds of ingredients that are incredible for skin. It includes a potent dose of vitamin A, known for its natural healing abilities, plus vitamin E, and Omega 3s and fatty acids that protect against the environment. It also contains UVA and UVB light protection, making it great as a daytime serum if you're going to be going outside or even using any electronic with a screen.

I've been using it occasionally in the mornings, following up my usual skin mist and morning serum. I've found that the cranberry oil has a slightly tart and fruity, yet herbal and clean scent, and while it's slightly oily in texture, it goes on smooth and makes my skin feel hydrated and ultra-smooth. Wearing it with an SPF on top can only be helping to protect my skin further, and while this serum might not be an awesome match for oily skin, mine tends to be on the drier side without treatment, and I haven't dealt with flakiness or dryness at all. I have to say I highly recommend it.

Qet Botanicals Purely Cranberry

(via Qēt Botanicals)


Purely Rosehip

The rosehip oil is a more orangey-yellow than the cranberry, and this one is full of vitamins A, C and E, which are great for restoring the suppleness and vitality of skin, especially overnight. Rosehip is considered to be a natural alternative to Retinol, and with its fatty acids and antioxidants, it's great for uneven complexions and combatting dehydrated skin.

While I was expecting something with a rosy floral finish, this oil actually crops from rosehip fruits and seeds, rather than a floral itself. The scent is more delicate and woodsy, and though it's slightly oily in texture, it's also lightweight, and extremely calming on the skin. I've loved using it as part of my nighttime routine, after my nightly toner and serum, and I find that even when I wake in the morning, my skin looks refreshed and fully hydrated.


Qet Botanicals Purely Rosehip

(via Qēt Botanicals)


Purely Squalane

What is squalane, exactly? It's a unique compound that moisturizes skin and helps with acne as an anti-inflammatory while also boasting antioxidant properties. It's naturally produced by the skin, but that reduces with aging, and while squalane is derived from sharks in other products, Qēt gets theirs from olives, making this oil completely plant-based. This clear, fragrance-free oil is great for both day and night, and is balancing and restorative as well as hydrating.

Of the three serums, this one probably has the nicest texture, leaving my skin feeling slightly silky and smooth, as I've been occasionally cycling it in with my other favorite products. Whether I use it in the morning or at night, my skin feels amazing afterward. My only regret is that the bottle isn't bigger.Qet Botanicals Purely Squalane

(via Qēt Botanicals)


Bottom Line

If you're interested in trying new, nourishing serums, this Purely Suite Discovery Kit is a great entry point. While $20 for a kit of three tiny vials, equaling to about 30 uses, won't be the right price point for everyone, if you're serious about skincare, or if your skin simply needs a little bit of luxurious pampering, chances are that you'll fall in love with all three pure serums.


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