5 Unexpected Things Quarantine Has Made Normal to Post on Social Media

Not too long ago, social media was a bikini-clad free-for-all, where people posted massively edited portraits of them standing in front of murals, vacationing somewhere out of a chic magazine and doing their best to let the outside world view them to be as "perfect" as possible.

While we all know no one has it perfect, and much of what we see online is fake or highly, highly exaggerated, it doesn't stop us from buying into the hype and often feeling compelled to post that way ourselves (ugh).

Fast-forward to quarantine era, and the direction of social media has done a complete 180. We're living in an anything-goes atmosphere, where, sure, some people are still shamelessly amping up that luxe life amid coronavirus, while most others are telling it like it is, for better or worse (mostly worse!).

Keep reading for five unexpected things quarantine has now made normal to post on social media.

1. Botched Manis

When this whole quarantine situation first kicked off, nails were the first thing to pop onto our feeds in mass form. Whether it was the result of poorly ripped-off gels, or people who—god forbid—had to paint their own nails for once, everyone went wild over the lack of nail technicians in their foreseeable future. Posting horrible nails (pre-quarantine, of course) was unheard of. Between our pops of neon and Kylie Jenner-level nail lengths, our feeds were filled with nails at their finest.


2. Botched Home-Cooked Meals

Cooking is hard. Making it look appetizing enough for the gram? Even harder. But worry not, because in quarantine-land, posting a meal-gone-wrong is as encouraged as posting a Martha Stewart-level accomplishment. Whether you left something in the oven a wee bit too long or your final product looks like a foreign object, isolation invites you to bring it on!


3. #OOTDs for No Apparent Reason

A few short months ago, an #OOTD was reserved for the fashion blogger—and unless you were one of them or you followed them religiously, you scoffed at the ol' outfit-of-the-day post. No one cares about what I'm wearing, and why does anyone think I care about what they're wearing? Enter quarantine, when everyone's a fashionista in their own right. Seeing how people spice up a pair of grey sweatpants or refuse to give into sweatpant pressure is a sight to be seen (on the gram, of course!).

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4. Creepy Crawlers in the House

Some of us are lonely, okay?! If you had a (very) brief moment of feeling like your unwanted roommate was suddenly your only friend, you're not alone. Normally, it would be shunned upon to post that big black cockroach crawling up your wall. In quarantine? The more the merrier. With more time at home, we're bound to encounter some *ahem* unexpected guests (we guess bugs don't believe in social distancing)—and since we've got nothing better to do, we're going to let the world know.


5. All-Natural Hair

Oh, the time we used to spend getting all dolled up sometimes just for the sake of social media—don't even get us started. But in quarantine, a beautified shot of luscious locks is the rarity. People are wearing their all-natural locks loud and proud. While we have a feeling this brief trend will be short-lived come post-lockdown, for now, we're definitely enjoying less wear and tear on our hair.

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