What to Keep in Your Bedroom to Energetically Ease Quarantine Anxiety

Just when we thought we'd soon be out and about again following months-long isolation, many of us have basically been sent back into lockdown (with the exception of some outdoor eateries and nature walks).

Regardless of your situation, coronavirus conditions have been complicated for everyone—and since we're spending most of our time in our homes, those are the first places we need to make a safe space (mentally and physically)—namely, our bedrooms.

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We reached out to empowerment coach and astrologer Natalia Benson, who knows a thing or two about radiating positive energy year round. The spiritual influencer with a knack for fashion—who just launched a SHE IS COSMIC necklace collaboration with Krystle Knight of Krystle Knight Jewellery—breaks down five things to keep in your bedroom to energetically ease quarantine anxiety.

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1. A Crystal

"Crystals are so multifaceted, and they bring a wonderful and lifting energy to any space," Natalia says. "Not to mention they're also beautiful! If you're feeling restless, meditate with your crystal or decorate your space and include your favorite crystal(s) into a totally new look. Shifting your room to your liking and keeping it super clean is exactly the kind of energy where a crystal will thrive and send you all of its good vibrations."


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2. A Vision Board

"Never made a vision board? They're so fun," Natalia suggests. "Collect photos of things you love and or where you'd like to go next in your life. Any big goals or visions go onto your vision board! This helps keep you inspired amidst quarantine and shelter in place."

3. A Yoga Mat

"Create a space in your room for yoga or movement," Natalia says. "You can practice yoga online or tune in to a stretching or movement class on YouTube."

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4. A Journal

"Feeling antsy? Journal!" Natalia advises. "Get your thoughts out and also write out what you're currently grateful for in your life. This can really help shift your mood and perspective."

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5. A bouquet of flowers or Your Favorite Plant

"The way you keep your room can make or break your mood," Natalia says. "See about sourcing some flowers—or on your next trip to the grocery store, see if your parents will invest in some with you. Or bring some plant life into your space. Having a bit of nature in your room is so wonderful and also eats up carbon monoxide (what we breathe out) and dispels more oxygen into your space. Plus they're beautiful!"

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