6 Major Beauty Blunders You Can Fix By the End of Quarantine

We used to scoff at people who blamed lack of time as a reason for their lack of self-care upkeep.

How we look plays into everything. It affects how we feel inside, therefore affecting our decision-making and all else. We couldn't fathom why anyone wouldn't want to look their best. That is, until we were forced into lockdown and really had a chance to explore and expand our beauty routine (therefore realizing just how much we didn't know or use beforehand).

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Products that used to lay around or get minimal use are now given their fairest shot. We're realizing now more than ever that time really does play a legitimate role in our ability to look our absolute best. And now that we've got more of it to spare than ever before, we're adjusting all of our fixable faux pas.

Keep reading for six major beauty blunders you can fix by the end of quarantine.

1. Pin-Thin Brows

Having Cara Delevingne-level brows may seem impossible, but rest assured, if you're like us and have gone a little pluck-happy a time or two, not all hope is lost. Within an average of three to six weeks, your brows can achieve a noticeably fuller appearance, provided you apply the necessary serum or formula regularly as advised.

With every other step of our beauty routine during normal circumstances, it's incredibly easy to accidentally sidestep this quickie, or only get to it if we see it sitting in front of us. But with time to focus on all of our beauty needs, we've been using Luna Nectar's Moon Boost ($75), and for the first time in literal decades we have hair growth above our eyes in just weeks! For a thorough list of additional eyebrow enhancing options, click HERE. And for a general guide to growing your brows, click HERE. When it comes to eyebrow application, look for formulas that have high concentrations of aloe vera, castor oil, argan oil, bamboo extract or algae extract. 

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2. Brittle Nails

As soon as lockdown demands hit, the first thing we noticed from people we follow on IG was an outcry for nail help. Whether it was help taking off gels, or the result of taking off gels, peoples' hands were not taking well to the sudden closure of nail salons.

While, in the past, popping a multivitamin, biotin or collagen supplement every single day was a huge pain that we'd often skip, we've quickly made this part of quarantine routine. Such supplements support hair and nail growth and strength, while also improving your skin elasticity. Not gonna lie, the combination of ingesting these nutritious formulas, along with applying nail-hardening polish and partaking in general upkeep has kept our nails growing and looking good as new.

As always, be sure to consult a doctor or parent before introducing any new consumables into your diet.

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3. Regrettably Short Hair

Whether the last your classmates saw of you was with a haircut you regret, or you've simply been aiming to lengthen those locks, now's the time to grow and glow in the hair department.

There are a number of ways to go about this. For starters, taking the aforementioned supplements can help immensely. There are also obviously products designed specifically for hair growth. The Hair Fuel, for example, is a science-backed product that aims to help you grow up to two inches of hair a month! The kits come with measuring tape so you can mark your actual progress.

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4. Lack of Skincare Routine

Okay, so perhaps your regimen is starting from scratch. It's never too late to start—and, in fact, you're getting on it earlier than so many others. But really, now's the best time to play around with products you may have toyed with a little here and there, or even dig through your mom's beauty cabinet and ask her to suggest products that aren't too mature for your skin.

This is a really fun time to explore skincare in general. For example, even though the team at Sweety High has our individual daily routines down pat, we've branched out recently with body care, not just face. Taking more baths and having more time on our hands, we've been focusing more on full-body exfoliation, body oils and scrubs. And as you can guess, we're wondering how we ever went on without it beforehand!

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5. Minor Breakouts

If you're dealing with a bout of major acne, unfortunately, it may be a much bigger, post-social distancing issue for you to approach with your dermatologist. Because we aren't skin professionals, we can't recommend any guaranteed fixes or alleviations for severe skin issues.

When it comes to minor breakouts, however, as people who have experienced them in uncharacteristic form as of late, we can tell you that now's the time to play around with your various blemish creams, patches, you name it—until you lock down what actually helps minimize those pesky pimples. In regular day-to-day life, we often stick to one recommended product and don't have time to deal with trying out another. Now's your time to meticulously give everything a go. No one's watching!

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6. Yellow Teeth

Whether you drink too much coffee, have poor dental hygiene habits, or are simply more prone to yellow teeth, now you can achieve a Crest-level smile by the time you have to see people again. Imagine those pearly whites greeting your friends, excited that you're finally out of quarantine!

With plenty of extra time on your hands, you can bust out the trusty ol' Crest White Strips. If you'd rather explore other options, there's everything from pens to lights and more. Check out THIS list for options, but before you commit, remember everyone's teeth are incredibly sensitive and you should consult your dentist (via email or phone) before busting out your credit card.

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