Singer Tessa Violet Shares 5 Favorite Ways to Avoid Quarantine Boredom

We're wrapping week six of quarantine—or it might be more than that, because we've truly lost track.

And this deep in our isolation game, indie-pop artist Tessa Violet is still managing to keep herself busy (seemingly with a smile). This is a far cry from how she felt when she recorded her aptly titled track, "Bored." The single came to be during a time prior to coronavirus when Tessa felt like she may as well have been quarantined because she'd never felt so alone.

But, if you watch the song's accompanying video, you'll see it's anything but boring, and Tessa seems perfectly amused while filming. To coincide with this entertaining visual, along with her upcoming Sweety High Instagram takeover on May 7, Tessa's sharing her five favorite ways to avoid quarantine boredom. Take a look after checking out her video for "Bored" below!

Live-Streaming on YouTube

"It's been a really fun challenge to learn all the tech that was required to have people Zoom call-in and picture-in-picture," Tessa says. "And also to just think about the best way to do a livestream as an artist. Is it all music? Is it talking? I've also enjoyed just getting to connect with fans more."


(Photo courtesy of Brian Gahan)


Calling People on the Phone

"[I've been calling] people I talk to often, and people I haven't been in touch with for a while," Tessa says. "Who knew I liked talking on the phone?!"


Doing Remote Music Writing Sessions With My Producer

"I love, love, love to create, and I'm so pleased and happy that it's been pretty painless to do it over Zoom," Tessa says.


(via Unsplash)


Posting OOTDs

"[I like] getting dressed up and doing an OOTD," Tessa says. "I don't do it every day, but it's a fun break from the sweatpants. Photoshoots with myself have been surprisingly fun [laughs]. I didn't really use Instagram that much before this."


Watching Video Essays

"[I enjoy] video essays on film and trans issues via Lindsay Ellis, ContraPoints, and Folding Ideas," Tessa says. "They're so good! Sometimes I watch a movie just so I can watch the essay."


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