The 9 Types of Friends Everyone Has Amid Quarantine

Friends in general serve varying purposes. Amid quarantine or not, not every single friend will fulfill your needs the way another will.

But these times of isolation have launched a whole new set of variables when it comes to how you identify your friendships—and we have a feeling you've got someone different in mind when it comes to each of the following.

Keep reading for the nine types of friends everyone has amid quarantine.


1. The Usual BFF You've Consistently Communicated With All Along

While literally everything in your life changed in the blink of an eye, one thing has likely remained: a continued closeness with one of your best friends. Through all the ups and downs of this monumental time in history, you've at least had that one person to turn to when you feel out of place. This person still knows how to make you laugh when you need it most, or is a listening ear when you need to vent about your annoying peers on social media.

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2. The Acquaintance-Turned-Close-Friend

Quarantine is a very interesting turn of events for friendships. This trying time may bring some people's negative true colors to light, while seemingly out of nowhere tightening bonds between people who were mere acquaintances beforehand. There's a pretty good chance that a classmate or a friend of a friend who you didn't spend a ton of time with prior has made it into your inner quarantine-era circle. Some initial check-ins at the beginning have now opened the doors to greater conversation and more time to connect.


3. The Friend Who Doesn't Understand We're in the Middle of a Pandemic

We hate to admit it, but all of us know at least one person who doesn't seem to think the rules apply to them. Yep, that "friend" who still asks you to hang out as if nothing's changed. The friend who you've heard has been sneaking around all over town. As you're trying to follow the rules as best as possible to get this thing over with, you've likely distanced yourself from this person because you're clearly not on the same page.

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4. The Social Media Friend

With way more time on our hands, we're also devoting a lot more energy to social media. In fact, some people seem to be on the apps literally 24/7. With that, it also means a lot more time to engage with others—either for the sake of casually keeping in touch, or with the hopes of getting more comments and likes. Regardless the reason, you definitely have a few digital pals who you don't communicate with via text, but have become your built-in support system when you need a public boost.


5. The Convenient Friend

While some of your friends may have other priorities during these times, we bet there's at least one person who's always down to "hang out." Whether you just want someone to challenge you to a game of Words With Friends, or you miss human interaction and need some FaceTime love, there's always that one friend even more bored than you are. While this friendship isn't necessarily deep or meaningful, it does bring you a sense of security amid loneliness.


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6. The Sentimental Friend

Ah, the friend who's always thinking back to "simpler times." You're convinced this pal spends the entire day reloading Timehop, as they don't necessarily communicate with you right now outside of sending along throwbacks and tear emojis. Every day is #TBT to them, but you don't want to alert them otherwise because you know everyone's days are messed up right now.


7. The Needy Friend

While you're certainly empathetic to the fact that everyone's experiencing wildly aggressive emotions right now, you also have to put yourself first. It's one thing to complain about a negative or stressful day here and there, but you likely have at least one friend who feels compelled to let all of their angst flow into your headspace on the reg. There's a good chance you try to avoid this friend when you can, but then there's a part of you that ends up feeling bad, and therefore compelled to lend a listening ear, always leaving you drained after the chat.

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8. The Way-Too-Busy-Even-Amid-Quarantine Friend

While the world (and most of your friend group) is naturally slowing down, you have that one friend with more energy than anyone, who is determined to thrive amid quarantine. Social media photoshoots every day? Check. Homemade breakfast each morning? Check. Zoom calls with everyone under the sun? Check. Workouts? Check. Okay, yeah, if you thought you'd have this pal's attention during these times, you were sorely mistaken.


9. The Friend Who's Still Way Too Consumed With Their S.O.

When news of social distancing hit, you may have developed a slight flutter in your heart over the possibility that it meant having one of your friends back. Not being able to leave the house means they're no longer annoyingly glued to their S.O., and it opens the doors for you to communicate with them more frequently. Ha! Think again. Not being together in person doesn't mean being absent from each other's lives. Your pal is still equally annoying, turning down Zoom calls and delaying text replies because they're in literal constant communication with their S.O.
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