What to Do If Quarantine Is Ruining Your Chances for a Summer Fling

Ugh, quarantine.

When this situation first started in Feb., no one imagined it would last this long. But five months later, we're all still stuck in our houses, and it doesn't look like things will go back to normal any time soon.

Even worse—it's summer! How are you supposed to have a summer fling and take part in all other warm-weather activities if you can hardly leave your house?

This year, a summer fling might be off the table, but that doesn't mean summer 2020 is a total waste of time. Keep scrolling for our tips on what to do if quarantine if ruining your chances for a summer fling.

Have a Virtual Fling

You might not be able to see people in person, but that doesn't mean all your chances for a summer fling are out the window. If you're really desperate for a summer romance, try taking your short-term relationship to the digital space.

Online relationships have found much more success during quarantine. Just like a real summer fling, there's a lot of uncertainty when trying to build a relationship with someone using just your phone. Your conversation might fizzle out within days, or it might turn into a whirlwind romance that feels like it could be something real.

Pursuing virtual relationships during quarantine holds just as much intrigue and unpredictability as a real-life summer fling. Don't decide that a summer fling is outside of your reach just yet. If you really want to pursue the ups-and-downs of a casual summer relationship, try establishing a virtual romantic connection.

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Pursue Post-Quarantine Dating Prospects

Trying to date someone virtually might not sound that appealing to everyone. After all, what's the point in getting attached to someone if you can't even see them in person? If that's the case for you, scrap the idea of a virtual summer fling and turn your attention towards the future.

Instead of having a romance right now, use quarantine to set the groundwork for a relationship in the future. You can use the time you would commit to a summer fling to establish close friendships that could potentially turn into something more. Those conversations might amount to nothing, or they might mean that you come out of quarantine in a full-blown relationship.


Embrace Casual Relationships

The whole point of summer flings is that they're totally casual. Even if you become really attached to the person you're seeing, a summer fling isn't meant to last forever. It's only supposed to be a seasonal romance that burns hot and then fizzles out when life returns to normal. What better time to have a relationship like that than while you're in quarantine?

Don't try to fall in love during quarantine. Instead, embrace the feeling of casual relationships that probably won't go anywhere, but is fun while it lasts. If you do that, you can get some of that summer fling feeling without compromising your well-being. You might fall in love during quarantine, but you should approach each new connection like it's going to end. That way, you can fulfill your need to connect with someone without becoming so attached before you even spend time with them in person.

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Focus On Reality

While in quarantine, it's so easy to become focused on all the "what ifs." Rather than embracing where you are now, you start thinking about everything you could be doing if things were a little different. If only quarantine wasn't going on—you totally would have had a magical summer romance!

Unfortunately, you don't know for certain what you would have been doing if things were different. Even if quarantine wasn't a thing, you may not have developed a passionate summer fling. Rather than focusing on what might have been, focus on what's actually happening. Thinking about everything you're missing out on will only leave you upset and angry. Stay grounded in reality and try to make the most of a bad situation. It's a much better course of action than constantly thinking about what you would be doing if all this wasn't going on.


Focus on Yourself

Summer flings are great, but they're also somewhat unrealistic. Sure, they happen, but it's not like everyone heads into summer and immediately starts a hot and heavy romance. Not having a summer fling doesn't mean you're failing in some big way. Quite the contrary, in fact—not having a summer fling gives you an opportunity to focus solely on you.

Rather than finding someone with whom you can waste the remaining days of summer, take this time to focus on yourself. Do the things you like and take time to reflect on what you want in the future. You might not emerge from quarantine in a relationship, but you'll emerge with a better appreciation for yourself. Once you like who you are, finding someone to share a romantic connection with just doesn't seem that important.


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