Stuck In Quarantine This Valentine's Day? Use One of These Instagram Captions

Valentine's Day is finally upon us, and we couldn't be more excited!

Unfortunately, some of us can't celebrate it the way we want to. Whether you're quarantining or just maintaining social distance, this year, the holiday is going to look pretty different. Show off what you're doing on Valentine's Day with one of these adorable Instagram captions:

For that picture of your adorable Valentine's Day themed nails:

"Love is not canceled!"



For when you post a photo of you and your significant other:

"Will you be my quarantine-valentine?"



For that picture of you hugging your family dog:

"You're essential to me!"



For that throwback of you snuggling with your bestie on the couch:

"I'd stay at home with you any day of the week."



For when you're wearing your favorite Valentine's Day-themed mask:

"All I'm spreading on Valentine's Day is love."



For that photo of a trip you took with your gal pals:

"Missing my Galentines."



For when you're showing off the roses you may or may not have purchased for yourself:

"These are my Covid-cuties."



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