13 Queer Eye Memes That'll Make You Cry Because You're Not Part of the Fab 5

We love Queer Eye. 

Actually, that's probably understating it. Queer Eye is everything good and pure about this world wrapped up into little hour-long episodes that always make us tear up. Yep, that about captures it.

If you love Queer Eye just as much as we do, keep scrolling for 13 memes that are guaranteed to make you cry because you're not a member of the Fab 5.

1. Karamo is perfection:


2. Karamo don't mess around:


3. Knowledge is power:

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4. Bobby deserves better:


5. Listen up:


6. The french tuck fixes all:


7. Queer Eye is a responsibility:


8. It's emotional, okay?


9. Justice for Bobby:

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10. Sorry to disappoint you, Tan:


11. We've named this dish, Kraft:

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12. Avocados and cilantro are Antoni's weaknesses:

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13. He love a french tuck:

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