11 On-the-Go Breakfasts That Aren't Bars

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's also the toughest to fit into our busy schedules.

Between late night study sessions and early wake-up calls, we simply don't have the time to meal prep in advance or whip up something before school.

Thankfully, breakfast and protein bars have been our saving grace for all these years. But truth be told, they're getting a little old.

If you're in the same boat as us and could happily spend the rest of your days without ever seeing a breakfast bar again, keep reading for a healthy list of quick breakfast options to grab on the go:


1. Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze

If you grew up on applesauce squeeze pouches, then you already know how delicious and convenient this one-handed packaging can be. Packed with all the fiber and protein you need in the morning, these fruit squeezes by Munk Pack make a sweet delicacy out of a traditional breakfast meal. Plus, just in case you can't finish the pouch in one sitting, the resealable lids allow you to revisit this tasty treat after first period.

Munk Pack oatmeal squeeze

(via Munk Pack)


2. Evol Breakfast Burritos

For those of us who tend to err towards famished when we wake up in the mornings, these quick and easy breakfast burritos bring your fave brunch dish to your weekday morning. Pop them into the microwave for a couple minutes while you apply that last coat of mascara and you're ready to run out the door with a hearty breakfast in tow. Indulge in bacon and eggs every morning without the any of the time-consuming cleanup.

evol breakfast burritos

(via evol)


3. Chobani Greek Yogurt Tube

Greek yogurt is a staple in our healthy food triangle. But if there's one thing that slows down our busy morning schedules, it's the need for silverware when we're munching on our quick meal. These Chobani Greek yogurt tubes pack all the deliciousness of your favorite flavor into a convenient tube so you don't have to hold onto that spoon all day long. Think a healthy take on a favorite childhood indulgence, GoGurt.

Chobani greek yogurt tubes

(via Target)


4. Mamma Chia Squeeze

Ch-ch-ch-chia! Just like the Munk Pack oatmeal squeezes, these chia pouches contain all of the nutrients you need in the morning within the super sippable squeeze pouch. Chia is a powerhouse ingredient that provides everything from fiber to protein to calcium to healthy 0mega-3s. You'll love starting off your morning with this heart-healthy pouch that comes in a variety of fruity and veggie-packed flavor combos. We've got our eyes on Green Magic and Blackberry Bliss.

Mamma Chia squeeze pouches

(via Mamma Chia)


5. Organic Toaster Pastries

Pop-Tarts have long been a favorite quick and easy morning meal. The one problem? Due to their high sugar content and severe lack of beneficial nutrients, they don't keep you full for long. Instead, keep all the convenience of the toaster pastry, but pack it with whole, organic ingredients. You'll love the natural flavors that keep you out the door on time, yet full for a whole lot longer.

Organic toaster pastries

(via Nature's Path)


6. Kashi Overnight Muesli 

If you've ever tried meal prepping with overnight oats, then you're familiar with Kashi's take on muesli. But rather than taking time out of your evening to prepare a rolled oats and fresh fruit dish, simply pour a little milk (of your choice) into these prepackaged bowls before bed, and grab the portable meal in the morning for a fiber and protein-rich start to your day.

Kashi overnight muesli

(via Kashi)


7. KNOW Better Donuts

Hello indulgence, our old friend. Sometimes choosing the healthy option means sacrificing those sweet treats we love so much. But with KNOW Better brand breakfast foods, you can have your donut and eat it, too. With a flavor like chocolate, you know it's gonna be good. This healthy take on donuts is basically the epitome of on-the-go.

KNOW Better healthy donuts

(via KNOW Better)


8. Instant Organic Oatmeal Cups

Some of us are diehard oatmeal fans. After all, why have cold cereal when you can have it served nice and hot? If you love this classic mushy meal but don't have the time to eat at home, enjoy these instant bowls that you can take along on your school commute. Thanks to the portable bowls, you can enjoy this quick meal while walking to school or pulling up in your carpool.

Organic instant oatmeal

(via Thrive Market)


9. Justin's Honey Peanut Butter + Banana Chips Pack

Nut butters are one of the heartiest additions to breakfast. Grab this pack of honey peanut butter and banana chips to indulge in a little morning sweetness that'll keep you full until lunch. This breakfast alternative of a cheese and crackers lunch snack is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort food.

Justin's peanut butter and banana chip packs

(via Justin's)


10. Garden Lites Muffins

We may love muffins, but we have to admit that they aren't the first thing we grab when we're looking for a healthy breakfast option. But these Garden Lite muffins put the good in baked goods. Packed with veggies, these delicious morsels are an indulgence and a healthful choice all in one. Best part? No baking required.

Garden Lites veggie muffins

(via Garden Lites)


11. Chobani Chocolate & Cream Drink

This drinkable greek yogurt beverage is even easier to have for breakfast than the yogurt tubes. It'll satisfy all of your chocolate cravings without giving you a sugar rush thanks to the tart greek yogurt. It's also packed with calcium, magnesium and electrolytes, making it the perfect followup to your morning workout. We'd be happy to drink this yogurt any day of the week.

Chobani Chocolate and Cream Drink

(via Chobani)



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