11 Laidback Instagram Captions for Your Next Quiet Night In

Just because you're not going out doesn't mean you're not going to take some great pics and share them on Instagram.

If you're looking for the perfect captions to represent your relaxing and quiet night at home, look no further.

For when you're feeling super cute, even in your ugliest, comfiest PJs:

"It's a messy bun and pajamas kind of night."


For you shot of you parading around in your most fabulous outfit—despite the fact you plan on staying in:

"My living room is my runway."


For the pic of you and the fam hovering around a box of delivery pizza:

"Home is where the pizza is."


For the selfie showing off how you're pampering yourself tonight:

"Relax. Renew. Refresh."


For the pic of you planted on the couch, ready to relax the night away:

"Tonight, I plan to do nothing."


For when you're feeling totally antisocial, and you want the world to know it:

"I'm staying in. It's too peopley outside tonight."


For the pic of you chilling in front of the computer with your favorite show on Netflix in the background:

"Netflix is my boyfriend."

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For the picture of you snuggled up in bed with your latest great read in hand:

"Here's to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy."

– Charlaine Harris


For the pic showing you pretty much don't plan on moving for the rest of the night:

"I'm not lazy. I'm on energy-saving mode."


For the pic of you wearing your signature headphones, rocking out to your favorite music:

"I love music more than I love people."

For your extra chill sleepover pic with your besties:

"A night in with friends is better than any night out on your own."


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